Elective courses offered by SHBT faculty include:


Courses taught at Harvard and hospitals:


Molecular Biology of the Auditory System

SHBT 206

Auditory Neural Coding Laboratory

SHBT 300

Acoustics and Mechanics of the Middle Ear

SHBT 301

Mechanics and Physiology of the Peripheral Auditory System

SHBT 302

Sensory Coding and Feedback Control in the Mammalian Cochlea

SHBT 303

Degeneration and Regeneration of the Auditory Nerve

SHBT 305

Clinical Studies of Laryngeal Voice Disorders

SHBT 306

Physiology of the Ear



Courses taught at MIT:


Sensory-Neural Systems: Spatial Orientation


Signal Processing by the Auditory System: Perception


Music Perception and Cognition


Automatic Speech Recognition


Modeling Issues in Hearing and Speech



Other Recommended Courses at Harvard

Introduction to Neurobiology                                                        Neurobiology 200
Cellular Neurophysiology                                                             Neurobiology 220


All course offerings at Harvard and MIT:

Harvard FAS Course Catalog
MIT Course Catalog