Dissertation Advisor Declaration (DAD)

Dissertation Advisor Declaration (DAD)


Form signed by May 1 of G2

The Dissertation Advisor is responsible for overseeing the student's dissertation project, providing a supportive research environment, and mentoring the student. The Dissertation Advisor is chosen by the student and is normally a faculty affiliate of SHBT.  Exceptionally, non-affiliated individuals may be approved as Dissertation Advisors on a case-by-case basis. 


To select a Dissertation Advisor, the DAD form must be completed in accordance with the following guidelines:


  • Student declares dissertation advisor and describes dissertation project

  • Selection of a dissertation advisor must then be approved by the Director of SHBT with the DAD form and then the Director of the Graduate Studies for DMS

  • Dissertation Advisor commits to supporting and funding student

  • Student and Dissertation Advisor are required to complete a Conflict of Interest Disclosure form.

  • To avoid conflict of interest, the Dissertation Advisor cannot be the student’s appointed Academic Advisor. In the event that an Academic Advisor becomes the Dissertation Advisor, a new Academic Advisor will be found. 











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