Paths Overview


The Paths Program allows students to self-navigate their individual paths of professional development with diverse opportunities for career education, preparation, and networking. The most formal of these opportunities is the Paths Certificate Program, although students make take advantage of many Paths-related activities without formal enrollment in the certificate program. The Ph.D. Pathfinder Course is an annually offered nanocourse in which industry leaders and experts share insights and guidance through reflections on their own career paths. The Paths Program also works closely with and supports many GSAS and HMS student organizations, including the Biotech Club, Science in the News, HPREP, JEI, and more. These student-run groups organize many formal and informal educational activities throughout the year, which can count towards obtaining a Paths Certificate. The DMS Paths program also works collaboratively with organizations and companies throughout the greater Boston area to create opportunities for internships, and to connect students with leading experts in various cutting-edge industries.

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