Housing & Transportation



Boston has a reputation for being a difficult and expensive city – but all of our students manage to find affordable housing!  The Harvard Housing Office has a wide selection of housing available to students, from dormitory rooms in Vanderbilt Hall at Harvard Medical School or the GSAS Residence Halls at Harvard University to one- and two-bedroom off-campus apartments (and everything in between).  Harvard owns a large amount of real estate that is available for rental to students.  Some students choose to take part in the Harvard Resident Tutor Program, in which graduate students may earn free housing and a limited meal plan in exchange for providing a variety of services to undergraduate students.


Most students however, choose to find privately owned rentals in nearby neighborhoods.  PiN keeps a list of brokers that current students have successfully used.  PiN also coordinates students who are looking for housing, so that the incoming class and current students can easily find classmates who are potential roommates.  A few students might be able to for subsidized housing under the Boston Redevelopment Authority Affordable Housing program.




Students use a wide variety of modes of transportation – MBTA/subway, buses, bicycles (either their own or Hubway bikes), walking, Zip cars, Uber and Lyft, and the Harvard/Masco free shuttle service (referred to as the M2) that runs between Harvard Square and Harvard Medical School.  All Harvard students may get a discount for a monthly MBTA pass.  Both the Medical School and the undergraduate campus have locked storage for bicycles.  If a student wants to rent a car through Enterprise, Avis, etc., they can get a discount through the Harvard Travel Portal.


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