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Welcome to Neuroscience

Mission Statement: We are an inter-departmental Ph.D. program for training in neuroscience. Our mission is to provide students with the instruction, research experience, and mentoring they need to become leaders in research and education.

Who we are: The Program in Neuroscience draws together neuroscientists from across Harvard. The physical home base of the program is located at the Longwood Campus of Harvard Medical School, in the Department of Neurobiology. Most coursework occurs at this campus, and all the first-year students receive advising here. But in the decades since the Program was founded, it has expanded to offer students options for thesis research in many research departments throughout Harvard, including labs at the Cambridge campus and Harvard-affiliated hospitals. The enormous number and diversity of labs affiliated with the Program means that students have a wide range of options in choosing research experiences.




Congratulations Class of 2014-2015


Division of Medical Sciences
Hooding Ceremony