PiN Faculty Member - Wade Regehr, PhD

Wade Regehr, PhD

Professor of Neurobiology

Harvard Medical School
Department of Neurobiology
Goldenson Building, Room 308
220 Longwood Avenue
Boston, MA 2115
Tel: 617-432-0435
Fax: 617-734-7557
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The lab studies diverse topics ranging from the control of neurotransmitter release to the behavioral roles of the cerebellum.  Synaptic plasticity has been a long-standing interest of the lab. In recent years we have focused on the molecular control of release kinetics and short-term synaptic plasticity, and the functional and behavioral roles of these synaptic properties.  We also study many aspects of the cerebellum.  The prevailing view has been that the cerebellum is comprised of a relatively simple circuit involved in motor function and motor learning.  It is increasingly apparent, however, that the cerebellar circuit and behavioral roles of the cerebellum are much more complex than previously appreciated.  It is an exciting time to study the cerebellum. Recent studies indicate that there are additional circuit elements, connections, and types of signaling within the cerebellum.  It has also become clear that the cerebellum also regulates diverse social behaviors.  Our studies clarify circuits, and provide insights into how the cerebellum controls various behaviors, and how cerebellum disfunction leads to neurological disorders such as autism.

Major Questions:
• What are the mechanisms that control the kinetics of neurotransmitter release?
• What are the mechanisms of short-term synaptic plasticity?
• What are the functional and behavioral contributions of short-term synaptic plasticity?
• What are the circuit elements and the connectivity within the cerebellar cortex, and how are they specialized to serve different functional roles?
• What behaviors are controlled by the cerebellum?

• Slice electrophysiology, calcium measurements and caged neurotransmitters.
• Mouse genetics, optogenetics and AAV manipulations.
• Immunofluorescence, FISH and serial electron reconstructions (with the Lee lab).
• Behavioral analysis (many social behaviors, gait analysis, Motion Seq, VOR, conditioned eyeblink, etc.)
• Single cell molecular analysis (with the Macosko lab) and functional characterization of cerebellar neurons.
• 2-photon functional imaging (with the Harvey lab) and single unit electrophysiology in behaving animals

Last Update: 9/16/2020


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