PiN Faculty Member - Alexander Schier, PhD

Alexander Schier, PhD

Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Harvard University
Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology
16 Divinity Avenue, Room 1029
Cambridge, MA 02138
Tel: 617-496-4835
Fax: 617-495-9300
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Sleep and wakefulness

The genetic and cellular mechanisms that control sleep and wake states remain largely elusive. We have established zebrafish as a model system for sleep research. Zebrafish have the basic hallmarks of sleep-like behaviors. Sleeping fish require stronger stimuli than awake fish to initiate movement and sleep deprivation is followed by increased sleep. In addition, the zebrafish brain expresses peptides that have been implicated in human sleep disorders. We are using genetic and pharmacological screens to isolate sleep regulators and use electrophysiological and imaging approaches to dissect sleep circuits.

Last Update: 5/12/2014


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