PiN Faculty Member - Samuel Rabkin, PhD

Samuel Rabkin, PhD

Thomas A. Pappas Professor in Neurosciences, Department of Neurosurgery (Microbiology & Immunobiology)

Massachusetts General Hospital
Brain Tumor Research Ctr, Simches, CPZN-3800
185 Cambridge St
Boston, MA 02114
Tel: 617-726-6817
Fax: 617-643-3422

Research in the laboratory focuses on the application of the herpes simplex virus (HSV) vectors for gene delivery to cells of the nervous system and brain tumor therapy, with the long-term goal being the therapeutic application of these vectors in patients.

Oncolytic HSV vectors target tumor cells for destruction, yet are non-pathogenic to normal tissue. A current focus is the isolation and characterization of brain tumor (glioma) stem cells and their use as models for the development of novel therapeutics for glioma. We are also targeting malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors arising in patients with NF1. The interaction between HSV infection and the immune system, including innate and adaptive responses, plays an important role in therapeutic outcomes, both positively and negatively. How HSV modulates dendritic cell function and subsequently anti-tumor immune responses in the CNS is being explored. The capacity of oncolytic HSV to accommodate large inserts is being used to "arm" them with therapeutic transgenes that modulate the immune response or angiogenesis.

Last Update: 5/12/2014


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