First Year of Studies - Rotations

Rotation Resources


Each student must complete at least two laboratory rotations of six to twelve weeks in length.  Rotations are designed to provide hands-on experience in different techniques and laboratories, and they serve as a basis for the selection of a dissertation advisor.  First-year students are strongly encouraged to contact more senior students who have rotated in a lab to find out as much information as possible about that lab; our goal is to help first-year students make the most of their rotations.


To help students choose labs for rotations, PiN sponsors three poster sessions in September. 


  • An all-PiN poster session in the Courtyard Café of the Warren Alpert Building at Harvard Medical School;

  • A poster session for the labs in the Kirby Neurobiology Center of Boston Children’s Hospital, held in the Center for Life Sciences building; and

  • A poster session at the Center for Brain Science in the Northwest Building of Harvard University in Cambridge.


While students are required to completely two rotations, most PiN students choose to complete three rotations, and some do as many as four rotations. 


Rotations must be completed and students must have been accepted into a lab by September 1 of their second year.

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