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The discipline of neuroscience is defined by the quest to understand the most complex biological system in existence:  The nervous system.  Neuroscience demands its practitioners be able to draw from, synthesize, and advance the knowledge and experimental approaches born from fields spanning genetics, molecular and cellular biology, and biochemistry; from physics, computer science, and engineering.  It is increasingly clear that the next generation of neuroscientists needs to be broadly fluent in all of these areas, as well as rigorously trained in experimental design, statistical methodologies, and advanced quantitative reasoning.


PiN faculty have carefully crafted our newly redesigned curriculum to best position our trainees to suceed in the modern-day scientific landscape.  Common core courses taken during the first year are paired with individualized electives to provide students with increased control of their education through the pursuit of specialized knowledge, without sacrificing the broad introduction to the discipline of neuroscience that has long defined our program.  Elective offerings are numerous and flexible, allowing students the freeom to balance lab work and course work as they deem appropriate. 


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