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The information on this page is meant to serve as starting point for students who are exploring career options in academia and beyond. Many of the listed organizations and publications are intended specifically for students. Information will be updated regularly; please contact Karen Harmin (karen_harmin [at] to suggest an update. In addition, students are encouraged to get in touch with the contact people associated with each of the career areas in the DMS "Paths Program."


DMS Paths Contacts



General Resources


Offices of Career Services

Resources for academic and non-academic career paths. Regular workshops, seminars, and mock job interviews. Also offers counseling, alumni networks, and self-assessment tools. Hosts a job database.


GSAS Listserv for non-academic career opportunities

Office of Career Services email subscription service for non-academic jobs and training opportunities.


GSAS listserv for career opportunities in academia

Office of Career Services email subscription service for academic jobs and training opportunities.


Harvard Graduate Women in Science and Engineering

Sponsors periodic workshops in professional development, as well as meet-the-faculty events. Past topics include: careers in venture capital and intellectual property, careers in scientific editing, careers in science policy, careers in biotech, academic vs nonacademic careers, public speaking skills, interviewing skills, and networking etiquette. Both female and male students are welcome.


Graduate Women in Science

The Boston chapter of a national organization dedicated to women in science. Sponsors regular events on professional development. Past topics include: how to land a position in a tough economy, effective scientific communication, scientific project management, team-building, negotiation, science policy, and scientific careers in industry. The overall focus of the group is on academic science, but attention is also paid to non-academic career options.


Biomedical Graduate Student Organization

Sponsors regular lunches with DMS alumni working in various careers like biotech or science journalism. Also sponsors regular lunches with HMS faculty.


Harvard Nanocourses

These 2-day courses have sometimes included topics relevant to professional skill building. Past topics include "Science Writing and Editing" and "Science Presentation as a Performing Art".


DMS Alumni Network

A database of DMS alumni who have consented to be listed on the website. The listing for each alumnus includes an email address and information on their current position.


Careers in Industry and Academia

A webinar produced by Science magazine (Science Careers). A roundtable discussion that will look at facts and fiction surrounding academic and industry career options for PhD-level scientists. Get some nuts and bolts advice on how to research career options, what questions to ask, and how to best prepare for various careers.


Career Trends: Building Relationships

This booklet can help you use communication skills, collaborating, informational interviews, and online social networking sites to guide you through your career. Produced by Science magazine (Science Careers).


Career Trends: The Informed Job Search

A booklet of career advice on topics including choosing a career path, effective networking, getting the most from a career fair, marketing yourself to potential employers and acing your job interview. Produced by Science magazine (Science Careers).


Career Trends: Careers Away from the Bench

A booklet focusing on careers that scientists can pursue outside of research and the skills you will need to develop in order to succeed in nonresearch careers. Examples include technology specialists, patent attorneys, and policy advisers. Produced by Science magazine (Science Careers).


The Job Market

Features regular topical news stories on science careers, both academic and non-academic. Produced by Science magazine (Science Careers).



Academic Research


GSAS Professional Development Guide

A guide to professional development during and after the Ph.D. years, produced by GSAS. This publication is particularly focused on academic job tracks. Some of this material is not applicable to scientists, but there are some useful sections nevertheless. These include "Landing a Postdoc in the Life Sciences", "Minorities in Academe", and sample CVs and cover letters.


Career Trends: Running Your Lab

A booklet of advice and tips on running an academic research laboratory, produced by Science magazine (Science Careers).


The Academic Scientist's Toolkit

A comprehensive primer on many aspects of academic science, produced by Science magazine (Science Careers).





Paths in DMS - Education

Harvard's Division of Medical Sciences Education Path helps to inform, encourage, enable and connect students interested in a career involving education with alumni, professors and education professionals.


Office of the Curriculum Fellows

Promotes careers in teaching and science education. Sponsors nanocourses and seminars in career development, teaching, etc.


Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning

Sponsors workshops, seminars, and training opportunities focused on teaching skills. May be of particular interest for students interested in teaching at a liberal arts college, community college, or high school. Also sponsors workshops on general public speaking skills and written communication skills.


Teaching Fellows program

Another resource for training as a teacher (especially for community college or high school level teaching).


Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience

A professional organization of faculty who teach and advise undergraduates, associated with the Society for Neuroscience. A useful resource for those considering an academic career at a liberal arts college or other institution where undergraduate teaching is a major part of the job description.


The Chronicle of Higher Education

The leading periodical focusing on current issues in higher education, especially undergraduate education. News, advice, job postings. Enter via the Harvard library system to access our site license for on-line subscription.


Paid part-time positions as Teaching Fellows are available for PiN students in many Harvard courses. Interested students should contact the course director listed in the Harvard Course Catalog. In recent years, PiN students have served as TFs in the following courses:


HST 130 / NB 200 - Introduction to Neuroscience

NB 209 - Neurobiology of Disease

NB 204 / NB 721 - Neurophysiology of Central Circuits

MCB 129 - Molecular Genetics of Neural Development and Behavior

Cell Bio 308qc - Introduction to Histology

MCB 80 - Neurobiology of Behavior

MCB 115 - Cellular Basis of Neuronal Function

OEB 105 (formerly 205) - Neurobiology of Motor Control

APMTH 115 - Mathematical Modeling

MCB 146 - Experience-Based Brain Development: Causes and Consequences

MCB 105 - Systems Neuroscience

MCB 186 - Circadian Biology

MCB 145 - Neurobiology of Decision-Making


Time to Teach?

Discusses combining research and teaching during a postdoctoral fellowship.


HHMI Teaching Initiative
HHMI sponsors postdoctoral teaching fellowships at many undergraduate
institutions. There seems to be no central listing of these
opportunities, but a web search of "HHMI postdoctoral teaching" leads
to many links.


K-12 teaching Fellowships:
Knowles Science Teaching Foundation
Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship Program
NYC Teaching Fellows
Teach Tennessee





Paths in DMS - Biotech

Harvard's Division of Medical Sciences Biotechnology Path helps to inform, encourage, enable and connect students interested in a career in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries with alumni, professors and industry professionals.


Harvard Biotech Club

Hosts events and provides services that allow members to explore the world of business and biotechnology. Past topics include: healthcare/biotech consulting, intellectual property & patent law, venture capital, entrepreneurship, globalization, resume preparation, and networking.


Massachusetts Biotechnology Council

A consortium of Massachusetts biotech companies that hosts an online job listing site.


Healthcare Innovation & Commercialization

HIC is a student-organized HMS workshop aimed at helping students succeed in medicine and life science entrepreneurship.  The course is taught by industry leaders and venture capitalists.  Students learn about industry trends in the life sciences, regulatory and reimbursement issues, health policy, startups and startup financing, venture capital, licensing, technology transfer, and othe rmatters related to the biotech, medtech, diagnostics and medical device industries.


Lessons from a Recovering Academic

A personal commentary on the experience of transitioning from academia to industry.


Drug Discovery in Neuroscience

A news article in Nature magazine on neuropharmaceutical research, recommended by a recent alum in the industry.


Nature Jobs: Industrial Endeavors

A news article in Nature Jobs on industrial postdoctoral fellowships.


Science Careers: Postdocs in Industry

Personal reflections from a scientist working in industry, with a
focus on questions relating to industry postdocs.



HBX Credential of Readiness (CORe)

Harvard Business School offers an online program, HBX Credential of Readiness (CORe), that teaches that fundamentals of business. Graduate students in non-business fields are part of the intended audience for this program. The goal is to develop basic fluency in the language of business through three courses:
Business Analytics, Economics for Managers, and Financial Accounting.


Biotech Companies

Some companies, such as those listed below, have established
postdoctoral fellowship programs. However, just because a company is
not on this list does not mean they don’t have postdoctoral positions.




Paths in DMS - Policy

Harvard's Division of Medical Sciences Policy Path helps to inform, encourage, enable and connect students interested in a career in science policy or non-profits with alumni, professors and policy professionals.


Harvard GSAS Science Policy Club

A resource for students interested in science policy and communication. Past topics include: applying for policy fellowships, careers in science communication, environmental advocacy, and recruitment sessions with nonprofit organizations.


MIT's Science Policy Initiative

Sponsors an email listserv, a monthly lunch, regular science communication workshops. Lobbies members of Congress on science policy issues.


Harvard's Kennedy School of Government

The KSG offers courses that may be relevant to students interested in policy. Check the Harvard Course Catalog for current listings.


AAAS Fellowships

The American Association for the Advancement of Science manages and administers Science & Technology Policy Fellowships to provide the opportunity for accomplished scientists and engineers to participate in and contribute to the federal policymaking process while learning firsthand about the intersection of science and policy.


National Academies Christine Mirzayan Fellowship

Fellows develop basic skills essential to working or participating in science policy at the federal, state, or local levels. Eligible applicants should have completed graduate studies within the last five years.


California Science & Technology Policy Fellowships

These fellowships place professional scientists and engineers in the California State Legislature for one-year appointments.



Offers recently graduated PhDs exposure to a range of activities regarding science policy and congressional and government relations.


OSTP Student Volunteer Program

Student volunteers work closely with senior White House officials and science and technology (S&T) policy analysts. Volunteer terms are for 90-day periods.


AIBS Public Policy
The American Institute of Biological Sciences offers a Graduate
Student Science Policy Fellowship
and Policy
Internship[ Opportunities

Kaiser Family Foundation database
Links to fellowships and internships in health policy and related fields.



Science Writing & Communication


Paths in DMS - Science Writing

Harvard's Division of Medical Sciences (DMS) Science Writing and Publishing Path helps to inform, encourage, enable and connect students interested in a career in science writing and publishing with alumni, science writers, scientific editors and other professionals in this industry.


Harvard Focus

Focus is a publication produced by the Office of Communications and External Relations. They sponsor 4-month student internships in science writing.


Science in the News

A student organization devoted to public awareness about science, science policy, science communication, and science education. Sponsors evening seminars, a monthly newsletter, "science cafes", and high school outreach events.


DMS Bulletin

A regular publication written by and for DMS students. Articles address newsworthy developments within Harvard University, Harvard Medical School, and the Division of Medical Sciences. Writing for the DMS Bulletin may be a useful way to begin to develop a portfolio of published science-related journalism.


Journal of Emerging Investigators

The Journal of Emerging Investigators is a GSAS organization which sponsors an open-access, peer-reviewed online journal. The journal is focused on the natural and physical sciences and publishes original research and review articles written by middle and high school students. The journal is seeking GSAS graduate students who are interested in being a part of the organization. This includes students who are interested in serving as a reviewer or helping with advertising and publicity. Graduate students are also needed to help organize and teach a “writers workshop” for local high school students to learn the basics of writing a science article.



Science Librarianship


American Library Association Science & Technology Section Discussion List
A listserv for discussion of issues relating to the science and technology libraries. It is specifically aimed toward science librarians and library staff, but anyone is welcome to join the discussion.


Journal of the Medical Library Association
Aims to advance the practice and research knowledgebase of health sciences librarianship.


Science & Technology Libraries
Covers all aspects of librarianship relating to science, engineering, clinical investigation, and agriculture. Includes articles on the professional training of science librarians.


Medical Reference Services Quarterly
For medical and health sciences librarians working in clinical, educational, or research settings.


Simmons Graduate School of Library and Information Science - Career Resources
A list of resources for library science careers. Simmons College is the major local library science degree program and hosts alumni activities for library science professionals.
The major local graduate degree program in library science.





Paths in DMS - Consulting

Harvard's Division of Medical Sciences Consulting Path helps to inform, encourage, enable and connect students interested in a career in consulting with alumni, professors and consultants.


Harvard Graduate Consulting Club

Pan-Harvard student organization with an active member base of 400+ graduate students and postdoctoral researchers.


Harvard Business School

Offers courses of potential interest to students planning a career in business (e.g., Effective Leadership of Social Enterprise and Operations Strategy, both recommended by a recent alum in the field).





Paths in DMS - Law

Harvard's Division of Medical Sciences Consulting Path helps to inform, encourage, enable and connect students interested in a career in law with alumni, professors and legal professionals.



Public Health


Paths in DMS - Public Health

Harvard's Division of Medical Sciences Public Health Path helps to inform, encourage, enable, and connect students interested in a career in public and global health with alumni, professors, and professionals in the field.





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