Staff of Program in Neuroscience / Department of Neurobiology


Rosalind Segal, Director of the Program in Neuroscience

Tel: (617) 632-4737; Smith Building 1058(A)

Email: rosalind_segal[at]


Rachel Wilson, Associate Director of the Program in Neuroscience

Tel: (617) 432-5571; WAB 320A

Email: Rachel_Wilson[at]


Karen Harmin, Administrator of the Program in Neuroscience

Tel: (617) 432-0912; Goldenson 129

Email: karen_harmin[at]


Michael Greenberg, Chairperson, Department of Neurobiology

Tel: (617) 432-2510; Goldenson 420

Email: meg[at]


Janine Zieg, Director of Administration, Department of Neurobiology

Tel:  (617) 432-4052; Goldenson 420

Email:  janine_zieg[at]


Sebastian Ruan, Staff Assistant, Department of Neurobiology

Tel: (617) 432-1772; Goldenson 420

Email: sebastian_ruan[at]


Division of Medical Sciences Staff


David Cardozo, Associate Dean for Graduate Education

Tel: (617) 432-1824; T-MEC 435

Email: dcardozo[at]


Lisa Rossini, Staff Assistant

Tel: (617) 432-3372; T-MEC 435

Email: lrossinir[at]


Leah Simons, Director of Academic Administration

(Student Affairs and Admissions)

Tel: (617)432-2029; T-MEC 435

Email: lsimons[at]


Valerie Sherman, Director of Finance

Tel: (617) 432-0071; T-MEC 432

Email: vsherman[at]


Will Carter, Account Administrator

(Student Reimbursements, including travel funds)

Tel: (617)432-3374; T-MEC 430

Email: wcarter[at]


Rob Tebeau, Funding Adminstrator

(Tuition and Stipends)

Tel: (617)432-2602; T-MEC 432

Email: rtebeau[at]


T. Alex Shimada-Brand, Grants Administrator

(Grants and Fellowships)

Tel: (617)432-2087; T-MEC 435

Email: ashimada[at]




Program in Neuroscience

Harvard Medical School

220 Longwood Avenue

Goldenson 129

Boston, MA 02115


(617) 432-0912


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