Careers - DMS Paths Contacts

The information on this page is meant to serve as starting point for students who are exploring career options in academia and beyond. Many of the listed organizations and publications are intended specifically for students. Information will be updated regularly; please contact Karen Harmin (karen_harmin [at] to suggest an update. In addition, students are encouraged to get in touch with the contact people associated with each of the career areas in the DMS "Paths Program."



DMS Paths Contacts


Paths in Teaching - education_path [at]

Paths in Biotech - biotech_path [at]


Paths in Policy - policy_path [at]


Paths in Science Writing - sciencewriting_path [at]


Paths in Consulting - consulting_path [at]


Paths in Law - law_path [at]


Paths in Public Health - publichealth_path [at]


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