Annual Retreat


All immunology students and faculty are invited to an annual retreat in New England. The fall 2016 Retreat will be held October 28-30 in New Hampshire. The scientific program includes poster sessions, social events and numerous student, faculty and keynote seminars.


Immunology Graduate Student Data Club


The Immunology Data Club, organized by students, brings them together monthly to discuss research in various laboratories. The meetings are held over dinner, in an informal setting, and serve as a way for students to share their experiences and research in labs.


Poster Sessions 


Poster Sessions are held in conjunction with the annual Immunology Program Retreat during the fall. Immunology students, faculty and post-docs take part in these poster sessions to keep up to date with the vast research ongoing throughout the immunology community.




The Immunology Program requires that all students serve as a teaching assistant for one semester without additional compensation. To satisfy this teaching requirement, students must serve as teaching fellows for a Division of Medical Sciences' graduate course (such as Immunology 201, 202, etc.). We also allow students to fulfill this requirement by performing education related Community Service. Harvard University in Cambridge has supported several community programs which allow Harvard students to tutor high school students (primarily from underprivileged neighborhoods). Several immunology graduate students have participated in such volunteer services. A minimum of three hours per week of tutoring over the course of one semester (13 weeks) is considered the equivalent of the teaching assistantship. It is our hope that efforts to support such community programs and the enthusiasm generated by our students will inspire underprivileged inner city youths to continue into higher education and eventually choose science, medicine and/or immunology as a career.


Student Travel


Each DMS student will receive a one-time travel allowance of up to $600 to attend a scientific meeting or conference which is approved in advance as beneficial to the student's training. Approval for travel must be given by the Dissertation Advisor, prior to travel. If a student does not have an approved Dissertation Advisor, approval for his/her travel must be given by the Program Head.


Address and Contact Information


Harvard Graduate Program in Immunology

Harvard Medical School

Jeffrey Modell Immunology Center, Room 100D

Boston, MA 02115

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