Executive Committee of Immunology

Harvard has the largest concentration of outstanding immunology researchers in the world, who work in all aspects of basic, translational and clinical immunology research. Their laboratories are centered throughout the medical school, school of public health, Harvard College, the affiliated hospitals and research institutes. The Committee on Immunology at Harvard Medical School is an umbrella organization that brings together the over 130 immunology faculty at Harvard into a cohesive community. It was founded in 1974. It oversees the Graduate Program in Immunology, organizes a weekly seminar series, provides mentorship of junior faculty, convenes seminars and conferences to enhance faculty collaboration, catalyzes institutional collaborations to set up joint core facilities, and negotiates favorable pricing for immunological reagents for the community. The Executive Committee of Immunology is a rotating group of junior and senior immunology faculty, with representatives from all the major hospitals, research institutes and departments, that oversees this work. The Chair of the Executive Committee, elected every three years, is currently Judy Lieberman.


Committee Members


Michael Brenner, MD


Michael Carroll, PhD


Wendy Garrett, MD, PhD


Jon Kagan, PhD


Vijay Kuchroo, PhD


Judy Lieberman, MD, PhD


Shiv Pillai, MD, PhD


Arlene Sharpe, MD, PhD


Bruce Walker, MD








Judy Lieberman, MD, PhD

Chair since 2014

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