Annual Immunology Retreat

All immunology students and faculty are invited to an annual retreat in New England. The scientific program includes poster sessions, social events and numerous student, faculty and keynote seminars.


2016, G2 Class Coordinators with Keynote Speaker, Dr. Carla Rothlin


2017 Annual Retreat

Keynote Speaker:

Dr. Carla Rothlin - Yale School of Medicine
The virtues of restraint


2017 Student Talks

Martin Fan (Turka Lab)
IL-2 signaling in post-thymic Tregs


Ayano Kohlgruber ( Brenner lab)
γδ T cells producing IL-17A regulate adipose Treg homeostasis and thermogenesis


Marisella Panduro Sicheva (Mathis/Benoist Lab)
Treg cells limit IFN-gamma to prevent aberrant phenotype in macrophages during skeletal muscle regeneration.


Ximei Sun (Kasper lab)
Microbiota regulated T cell differentiation


Christopher Garris (Pittet lab)
Finding Nivo: Investigations of Dynamic Behavior of Checkpoint Immunotherapy In Vivo


Waradon Sungnak (Kuchroo lab)
Follicular Regulatory T Cell-derived Fgl2 Regulates Antibody Responses


Vinidhra Mani (Mempel lab)
TGF-β and the T cell Journey: Unexpected twists and turns




2017 Annual Immunology Retreat

October 20-22, 2017

The Mountain Club on Loon Resort

Lincoln, NH


2018 Annual Immunology Retreat

October 19-21, 2018
The Mountain Club on Loon Resort
Lincoln, NH


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