Past Dissertation Defense Seminars

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Beyaz, Semir
Epigenetic regulation of cell fate
Advisor: Stuart Orkin

Chow, Jonathan
Drosophila immunity and homeostasis during viral infection
Advisor: Jonathan Kagan

Engblom, Camilla
Cancer-host interactions influencing disease progression and therapy
Advisor: Mikael Pittet

Hwang, Joyce
Elucidating influences of substrate DNA sequences on AID targeting and outcome during antibody maturation
Advisor: Frederick Alt

Kim, Jessica
Mechanisms of Endogenous Alpha-glycosylceramide Generation for Development and Activation of NKT Cells
Advisor: Florian Winau

Kua, Lindsay
Intestinal symbionts in immune regulation and autoimmune disease
Advisor: Diane Mathis

Lanser, Amanda
Regulators of Microglia Homeostasis and Characterization of CD39-/- Epileptic Mice
Advisor: Howard Weiner

Puyraimond-Zemmour, David
Transcriptional heterogeneity, identity and stability of regulatory T cells
Advisor: Christophe Benoist


Acharya, Sanket Shyamkant
Phosphatases and microRNAs: Investigations in the Context of DNA Damage
Advisor: Dipanjan Chowdhury

Borges, Christopher Michael
Defining a role for T regulatory cell expressed MyD88 during the response to allografts
Advisor: Laurence Turka

Dobbins, Jessica
Signaling of the T cell Costimulatory Receptor CD28: Regulation and Initiation
Advisor: Kai Wucherpfennig

Garcia Beltran, Wilfredo
Discovery and characterization of the ligands of NK-cell receptors implicated in human diseases
Advisor: Marcus Altfeld

Godec, Jernej
Molecular mechanisms of CD8+ T cell differentiation
Advisor: W. Nicholas Haining

Loughhead, Scott Mcnabb
Immune surveillance by effector and memory CD8+ T cells
Advisor: Ulrich von Andrian

Panchakshari, Rohit
Investigating Mechanisms of DNA Double Strand Break joining of Switch regions during IgH Class Switch Recombination
Advisor: Frederick Alt

Suber, Freeman
Childhood resistance to influenza mortality: analysis in a mouse model
Advisor: Lester Kobzik

Tan, Tze Guan
Impact of the microbiota on intestinal Th17 cells at steady-state and in autoimmune disease
Advisor: Diane Mathis


Akin, James
IAP inhibitors as novel immune adjuvants for scaffold based cancer vaccines
Advisor: Glenn Dranoff

Anahtar, Melis
The Contribution of Cervicovaginal Microbiota and Hormonal Contraceptives to Genital Inflammation and HIV Acquisition Risk
Advisor: Bruce Walker

Bettigole, Sarah
Novel functions for XBP1 and IRE1α in hematopoiesis
Advisor: Laurie Glimcher

Booty, Matthew
Regulation of Effector CD8+ T Cells During Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection
Advisor: Samuel Behar

Goyal, Girija
Novel Role of PPAR-gamma in GM-CSF induced anti-tumor immunity
Advisor: Glenn Dranoff

Huynh, Alexandria
Mechanisms of regulatory T cell lineage homeostasis and stability
Advisor: Laurence Turka

Kuswanto, Wilson F
The Regulatory T Cell Response to Skeletal Muscle Injury and its Decline with Age
Advisor: Diane Mathis

Lee, Youjin
Pathogenic potential of CD4 T cells in autoimmune diseases
Advisor: Vijay Kuchroo

McArdel, Shannon
Immunoregulatory roles of CD48 in autoimmunity and tolerance
Advisor: Arlene Sharpe

McQuay, Amy
The Role of Sialic Acid Acetylesterase in the Maintenance of B Cell Self Tolerance
Advisor: Shiv Pillai

Ordovas-Montanes, Jose Manuel
The Regulation of Immunological Processes by Peripheral Neurons
Advisor: Ulrich von Andrian

Reddi, Tejaswini
Advisor: David Knipe

Sefik, Esen
Individual microbes shape various parts of the immune system
Advisor: Diane Mathis

Yuen, Grace
Enterococcus infection of Caenorhabditis elegans as a model of innate immunity
Advisor: Frederick Ausubel


Andzelm, Milena
Functional and genomic analysis of MEF2 transcription factors in neural development
Advisor: Michael Greenberg

Astarita, Jillian
The role of the podoplanin-CLEC-2 pathway in stromal cell regulation of dendritic cell motility and lymph node architecture
Advisor: Shannon Turley

Bonham, Kevin
Cellular and Biochemical Events in Toll-like Receptor Signaling
Advisor: Jonathan Kagan

Dwyer, Daniel
Effector roles of Granulocytes and B cells during Th2 Inflammation
Advisor: K. Frank Austen

Kolodin, Dmitriy
Dynamics of Tissue-Resident Regulatory T Cell Populations
Advisor: Christophe Benoist

Lee, Soo Young
Dissecting Molecular Mechanisms of Shigella flexneri Cell-to-cell Spread
Advisor: Marcia Goldberg

Maciag, Karolina
Regulation and effector functions of IFNγ-induced immunity to intracellular pathogens
Advisor: Nir Hacohen

Martinod, Kimberly
Neutrophil extracellular traps in thrombosis and inflammation
Advisor: Denisa Wagner

Netravali, Ilka
Elucidation of plasmacytoid dendritic cell development
Advisor: Shiv Pillai

Painter, Michio
Regeneration in the aging peripheral nervous system
Advisor: Clifford Woolf

Rosetti Sciutto, Florencia
Neutrophil human Fcg Receptor IIA and the b2 integrin Mac-1 cross-talk in autoimmune disease
Advisor: Tanya Mayadas

Rothchild, Alissa
Antimicrobial Roles for iNKT Cells and GM-CSF in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Infection
Advisor: Samuel Behar

Sitrin, Jonathan
Regulation and Heterogeneity of Pancreatic Natural Killer Cells During Type 1 Diabetes
Advisor: Diane Mathis

Tepsuporn, Suprawee
Role of ATM in Suppressing Oncogenic Translocations and Mature B cell Lymphomas
Advisor: Frederick Alt

Woodruff, Matthew
Structure and Function of the Murine Lymph Node
Advisor: Michael Carroll


Deering, Raquel
The ALS-linked gene TDP-43 regulates IFNβ expression through a novel mechanism of 3’ UTR-mediated promoter cis-regulation
Advisor: Nir Hacohen

Lee, Mark
Genomic approaches to dissect innate immune pathways
Advisor: Nir Hacohen

Malhotra, Deepali
Insights into the Transcriptional Identities of Lymph Node Stromal Cell Subsets Isolated from Resting and Inflamed Lymph Nodes
Advisor: Shannon Turley

Roy, Matthew
Development and application of a high-throughput RNAi screen to reveal novel components of the DNA sensing pathway
Advisor: Nir Hacohen

Sage, Peter
Mechanisms of CD4 T cell antigen recognition and effector cell differentiation and function
Advisor: Arlene Sharpe


Chevrier, Nicolas
Systems-Level Analysis of the Toll-like Receptor Network of Dendritic Cells
Advisor: Nir Hacohen

Draganov, Dobrin
MFG-E8 Blockade Enhances Tumor Immunity in a Murine Breast Cancer Model
Advisor: Glenn Dranoff

Moffett, Howell
MicroRNAs in normal and malignant lymphocytes
Advisor: Kai Wucherpfennig

Mooster, Jana
Mechanisms of immunodeficiency due to NFkappaB signaling defects
Advisor: Raif Geha

Osuna-Gutierrez, Christa
Characterization of the Mamu-A*01-restricted CD8-positive T lymphocyte immunodominance hierarchy in simian immunodeficiency virus-infected rhesus monkeys
Advisor: Norman Letvin

Sircar, Piya
Clonal analysis of mucosal SIV-specific CD8+ T cell responses
Advisor: Norman Letvin

Wheeler, Lee
CD4 aptamer-siRNA chimeras (CD4-AsiCs) knockdown gene expression in CD4+ cells and inhibit HIV transmission
Advisor: Judy Lieberman

Zhang, Tingting
Elucidating Mechanisms of IgH Class Switch Recombination Involving Switch Regions and Double Strand Break Joining
Advisor: Frederick Alt


Agyemang, Amma
Regulation of Self-Reactive B cells: Implications for Complement and Toll-like Receptors
Advisor: Michael Carroll

Albacker, Lee
The Phosphatidylserine Receptor TIM-4 Tunes the Adaptive Immune Response
Advisor: Dale Umetsu

Boboila, Cristian
DNA Repair Pathways Involved in B Cell Class Switch Recombination and Chromosomal Translocations
Advisor: Frederick Alt

Cale, Evan
Mechanisms used by simian immunodeficiency viruses to evade virus-specific CD8-positive T lymphocyte responses
Advisor: Norman Letvin

Cedeno Laurent, Filiberto
Galectin-1 – Galectin-1 Ligand Axis and Its Significance in Immunity
Advisor: Charles Dimitroff

Cohen, Nadia
Invariant Natural Killer T cell activation by fungi
Advisor: Michael Brenner

Houser, Brandy
Macrophage populations at the human maternal-fetal interface
Advisor: Jack Strominger

Leon, Luis
Saposin B and C facilitate CD1 lipid loading by different mechanisms
Advisor: Michael Brenner

Miller, Peter
Targeting Leukemia Stem Cells in the Hematopoietic Niche
Advisor: Benjamin Ebert

Moseman, Elliott
Antiviral functions of lymph node subcapsular sinus macrophages
Advisor: Ulrich von Andrian

Panas, Michael
The identification and elimination of immunosuppressive Mycobacterium bovis BCG genes to create novel rBCG vectors that generate increased CD8+ T cell responses
Advisor: Norman Letvin

Reynoso, Erika
Insights into the maintenance and regulation of CD8+ T cell tolerance to the small intestine
Advisor: Shannon Turley

Wilbuer, Anne-Kathrin
The mechanism of human leukocyte antigen DM action
Advisor: Kai Wucherpfennig


Brown, Keturah
Characterizing the roles of the PD-1 ligands, PD-L1 and PD-L2, in regulating the T cell response to Influenza virus
Advisor: Arlene Sharpe

Garg, Salil
Arl8b directs lysosomal trafficking in antigen presentation and microbial defense
Advisor: Michael Brenner

Greenblatt, Matthew
TAK1 in Skeletal Homeostasis
Advisor: Laurie Glimcher

Koh, Andrew
Aire’s histone-binding module in mediating immunological tolerance
Advisor: Diane Mathis

McDonald, Rebecca
RNAi screening in dendritic cells identifies Fbxw11 as a regulator of interleukin-12/23
Advisor: Nir Hacohen

Rodriguez-Manzanet, Roselynn
The roles of TIM-4 in Innate and Adaptive Immunity
Advisor: Vijay Kuchroo

Vander Lugt, Bryan
Dendritic Cell Maturation and T Cell Immunosurveillance in Cutaneous Immunity
Advisor: James Campbell


Barker, Brianne
Critical Role for Interleukin-21 in Antiviral CD8-positive T Lymphocyte Responses
Advisor: Norman Letvin

Chiu, Isaac
The Role of Innate and Adaptive Immunity in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Advisor: Michael Carroll

Cornejo, Melanie
Novel Roles of NOTCH and JAK3 During Normal and Malignant Hematopoiesis
Advisor: D. Gary Gilliland

Costantino, Cristina
The class II MHC processing and presentation pathway in human CD4+ T cells
Advisor: David Hafler

Djuretic, Ivana
Regulation of gene expression in T lymphocytes by the transcription factor Runx3
Advisor: Anjana Rao

Dougan, Michael
Balancing Oncogenic Inflammation and Anti-Tumor Immunity in the Development of Novel Immune Therapies for Cancer
Advisor: Glenn Dranoff

Fassett, Marlys
The Nur77 family in T cell tolerance
Advisor: Christophe Benoist

Kreslavskiy, Taras
Developmental divergence and functional convergence of alpha beta and gamma delta T cell lineages
Advisor: Harald von Boehmer

McLaughlin, Katherine
Antibodies to MOG in adult and pediatric demyelinating diseases
Advisor: Kai Wucherpfennig

Ng, Samuel
Ikaros and Mi-2beta mediated hematopoietic lineage determination
Advisor: Katia Georgopoulos

Tahiliani, Mamta
Chromatin-modifying enzymes of the 2-oxoglutarate and Iron(II)-dependent oxygenase superfamily
Advisor: Anjana Rao

Turner, Devin
Biology of Fc(epsilon)RI expression on plasmacytoid dendritic cells
Advisor: Jean-Pierre Kinet


Butty, Vincent
A population genetics analysis of the human T cell costimulatory locus in Type 1 Diabetes
Advisor: Christophe Benoist

Henrickson, Sarah
Dynamics of T cell activation in vivo
Advisor: Ulrich von Andrian

Werneck, Miriam
Transcriptional regulation of normal and neoplastic leukocyte physiology: a closer look at Snf5 and T-bet in cancer
Advisor: Harvey Cantor

Woodworth, Joshua
Class I MHC-Restricted CD8+ T cells and Host Immunity to Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Advisor: Samuel Behar


Call, Matthew
Intramembrane Organization of T Cell Receptor-CD3 Complex Assembly
Advisor: Kai Wucherpfennig

Ciccone, David
The epigenetic regulation of V(D)J recombination: chromatin architecture and the insulator protein, CTCF
Advisor: Marjorie Oettinger

Dougan, Stephanie
The role of MTP in CD1d antigen presentation and NKT cell development
Advisor: Richard Blumberg

Koralov, Sergei
Role of Secondary IgH Rearrangements in B Cell Ab Repertoire
Advisor: Klaus Rajewsky

Matthews, Adam
Regulatory mechanisms in V(D)J recombination
Advisor: Marjorie Oettinger

Ow, Yong-Ling
Investigating the metabolism of tumours with an in silico chemical genetics approach
Advisor: Stuart Schreiber

Villaseñor, Jennifer
The repertoire of Aire-regulated peripheral tissue antigens in single thymic medullary epithelial cells
Advisor: Diane Mathis

Wein, Marc
Regulation of Immunobiology and Skeletal Biology by the Zinc Finger Adaptor Protein Schnurri-3
Advisor: Laurie Glimcher

Wong, Jamie
The life of the regulatory T cell repertoire
Advisor: Christophe Benoist


Balsara, Zarine
The interaction of Chlamydia trachomatis with mammalian host cells
Advisor: Michael Starnbach

Billingsley, James
FceRI ubiquitylation negatively regulates receptor tyrosine phosphorylation and mast cell effector function
Advisor: Jean-Pierre Kinet

Bonasio, Roberto
Advisor: Ulrich von Andrian

Borde, Madhuri
Novel roles for NFAT in T and B cell tolerance
Advisor: Anjana Rao

Catic, Andre
Dynamic Evolution of Ubiquitin and of Ubiquitin-like Proteases
Advisor: Hidde Ploegh

Love, Victoria
Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte Antigen-4 regulates cytotoxic T cells that cause myocarditis
Advisor: Andrew Lichtman

Lugo-Villarino, Geanncarlo
The Function of the Transcription Factor T-bet in Dendritic Cells
Advisor: Laurie Glimcher

Peng, Wei
A Mutagenesis Approach to Study the Molecules Involved in CD1 Antigen Presentation
Advisor: Michael Brenner

Venanzi, Emily
Mechanisms of aire control of immunological tolerance
Advisor: Diane Mathis


Arnett, Kelly
Structural Studies of CD3, Signaling Molecules Associated With the T Cell Receptor
Advisor: Stephen Harrison

Liang, Spencer
Elucidating the roles of PD-L1 and PD-L2 costimulation on T cell activation, differentiation and effector function
Advisor: Arlene Sharpe

Meyers, Jennifer
Costimulation of effector T cells by Tim-4 and CD94/NKG2
Advisor: Vijay Kuchroo

Moran III, Stewart
Molecular Mechanisms of Peripheral B Lymphocyte Development
Advisor: Shiv Pillai

Paust, Silke
Molecular Target of regulatory T cells: Engagement of B7 on Effector T cells Inhibits Expansion and Autoimmune Disease
Advisor: Harvey Cantor

Rana Oberdoerffer, Shalini
Alternative Splicing of FceRI b Subunit Pre-m RNA
Advisor: Jean-Pierre Kinet

Scimone, Maria Lucila
From the bone marrow to the periphery: migratory pathways of T cells
Advisor: Ulrich von Andrian


Asher, Damon
Characterization of the Coxsackievirus and Adenovirus Receptor (CAR)
Advisor: Robert Finberg

Borowski, Christine
Does the Pre-TCRa Chain Function as a Surrogate TCRa Chain?
Advisor: Harald von Boehmer

Clatworthy, Anne
V(D)J Recombination and RAG-Mediated Transposition in Yeast
Advisor: Marjorie Oettinger

Cooper, Eric
Biochemical Analysis of the E6AP Ubiquitin Ligase and its Role in Angelman Syndrome
Advisor: Peter Howley

Fragoso, Ruben
Reconstitution of CD8 Single Positive T Cells Using a Chimeric CD8a-Lck Co-receptor Chain
Advisor: Steve Burakoff

Lee, Dong
Cytokine Gene Regulation During T Helper Cell Differentiation
Advisor: Anjana Rao

Martin, Colin
Tracing lymphopoiesis and thymic immigration with a pT_-controlled reporter gene
Advisor: Harald von Boehmer

Morshead, Katrina
Regulating V(D)J Recombination: Linking Chromatin Structure and Accessibility
Advisor: Marjorie Oettinger

Sabatos-Peyton, Catherine
Tim-3 Regulation of the T Helper 1 (Th1) Immune Response
Advisor: Vijay Kuchroo

Steele, Lisa
Processing and Presentation of a Chlamydia trachomatis Antigen to CD8+ T Cells
Advisor: Michael Starnbach

Su, Michael
Characterization of Signaling Pathways Induced by Agonist and Altered Peptide Ligands in the Fratricide of CD8+ Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes
Advisor: Steve Burakoff

Sullivan, Brandon
T-bet Regulation of Effector T Cell Differentiation
Advisor: Laurie Glimcher


Chackerian, Alissa
Susceptibility and Resistance to Mycobacterium tuberculosis: Lessons from the Mouse
Advisor: Samuel Behar

Chang, Tammy
The Role of B7 Costimulation in the Development of Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis
Advisor: Arlene Sharpe

Claypool, Steven
Development and Characterization of an In Vitro Model to Study the Cell Biology of the Human Neonatal Fc Receptor, FcRn, in Polarized Epithelial Cells
Advisor: Richard Blumberg

Dodge-Scull, Ingrid
Modulating the Immune Response: The Role of CD103 Expression and Tissue Origin in Dendritic Cell Function
Advisor: Hamid Band

Dudley, Darryll
Studies of the Mechanisms Directing Recombination in B and T Lymphocytes
Advisor: Frederick Alt

Gewurz, Benjamin
Viral Immune Evasion: A Structural Approach
Advisor: Hidde Ploegh

Howland, Kimberly
Function of CD28 Costimulation in T Lymphocyte Activation
Advisor: Abul Abbas

Landhuis, Esther
Identification and Characterization of Ikaros Gene Regulatory Elements
Advisor: Katia Georgopoulos

On, Marina
Mechanism of FceRIb Mediated Signal Amplification
Advisor: Jean-Pierre Kinet

Rooney, Sean
The Role of Artemis in V(D)J Recombination, Class Switch Recombination and Tumor Suppression
Advisor: Frederick Alt

Solymar, Deborah
Lineage Specificity of Gene Expression: An Analysis of IL-4 and IL-13 Cytokine Production in Mast Cells and Th2 Cells
Advisor: Anjana Rao


Cortes-Cros, Marta
Aiolos and Ikaros as Regulators of B and T Cell Development and Effector Function
Advisor: Katia Georgopoulos

Desai, Bimal
Advisor: Stuart Schreiber

Furman, Margo
Immune Evasion in the Endoplasmic Reticulum: Dissecting the Strategies of Human Cytomegalovirus
Advisor: Hidde Ploegh

Posey Morley, Sharon Celeste
The Actin Cytoskeleton and the Actin-Binding Protein Gelsolin in T Cell Signal Transduction

Radosevich, Michael
New Insights on the Regulation of Major Histocompatibility Complex Class II Genes

Rao, Navin
The Role of Ubiquitination in Cbl-mediated Negative Regulation of the Src-family and Syk/ZAP-70 Tyrosine Kinases


Agarwal, Suneet
Regulation of Cytokine Gene Expression during T Cell Differentiation
Advisor: Anjana Rao

Coston, Wanda
Compartmentalized CD8+ T Cell Repertoires of the Male Genital Tract in Chronic HIV Infection

Wilcox, Heather
Structure/Function Analysis of the Tyrosine Kinase Itk in Signal Transduction through the T Cell Antigen Receptor
Advisor: Leslie Berg


Bagley, Jessamyn
T Cell Mediated Rejection of MHC class I Mismatched Skin Allografts
Advisor: John Iacomini

Kim, James
The In Vivo Function of the Transcription Factor c-maf
Advisor: Laurie Glimcher

Silvey, Katherine
Reovirus Type 1 Lang: A Model to Study M Cell Specific Pathogen Interactions and Secretory IgA Function in the Intestine

Taraszka Hastings, Karen
Molecular Basis of Integrin aEb7 Recognition of E-cadherin
Advisor: Michael Brenner

Wong, Guang
Molecular Analysis of the Complexities and Functions of Mast Cell Proteases and Proteoglycans
Advisor: Richard Stevens


Accola, Molly
Molecular Interactions in Primate Immunodeficiency Virus Assembly
Advisor: Heinrich Gottlinger

Anderson, Ana
T Cell Cross-reactivity in the Selection and Expansion of the Autoreactive T Cell Repertoire
Advisor: Vijay Kuchroo

Anderson, David
The B7:CD28/CTLA-4 Costimulatory Pathway in Human T cell Activation and Multiple Sclerosis
Advisor: David Hafler

Brown, Julia
T Cell Priming and TH Subset Differentiation in B7-Deficient Mice: Immunization with TNP-KLH and Infection with Leishmania Major
Advisor: Arlene Sharpe

Irie, Yoko
Role of CD8b in T Cell Activation and Development

London, Cheryl
Immunologic Memory: Generation and Properties of Memory T Lymphocytes
Advisor: Abul Abbas

Manilay, Jennifer
Environmental Determinants of Natural Killer Cell Recognition and LY-49 Receptor Expression in Mixed Allogeneic Bone Marrow Chimeras
Advisor: Megan Sykes

Refaeli, Yosef
Regulation of Apoptosis in CD4+T cells
Advisor: Abul Abbas

Stillwell, Ross
Signaling Through the CD7 T Lympocyte Receptor


Clark, Rachael Ann
Lymphocyte Trafficking: Adhesive Interactions in Secondary Lymphoid Organs
Advisor: Timothy Springer

Frank, Scott
Cloning and Characterization of ARNO, a Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factor for the Small GTPase ARF6
Advisor: James Casanova

Jackman, Robin
Intracellular Trafficking of CD1 and its Consequences for Lipid Antigen Presentation

Lin, Huamao
CD2-Mediated Signal Transduction in Human T Lymphocyte Activation
Advisor: Barbara Bierer

Liu, Karen (Qianye)
Role of ITK in T Cell Activation and Signal Transduction
Advisor: Leslie Berg

Lupher, Jr., Mark
Identification and Characterization of the Cbl Phosphotyrosine-Binding Domain and Its Role in Negative Regulation of the ZAP-70/Syk Family of Tyrosine Kinases

Ranger, Ann
The Role of the B7 and NFAT Family Members in T Helper Cell Differentiation
Advisor: Laurie Glimcher

Reid, Russell
Complement-Immunoglobulin Interactions: A Three-Case Study
Advisor: Michael Carroll

Slavik, Jacqueline
Signaling through CD28 Family Receptors: An Analysis of CD80- and CD86-dependent Pathways


Ausubel, Lara Jane
Activation of Autoreactive T Cells by Altered Peptide Ligands
Advisor: David Hafler

Craiu, Abie
Analysis of the Proteolytic Steps Involved in MHC Class I Presentation of the Ovalbumin epitope SIINFEKL
Advisor: Kenneth L. Rock

Crawford, Keith Dwain
Human Peripheral Blood Dendritic Cells: Phenotype, Morphology, and Function
Advisor: Chester Alper

Encinas, Jeffrey
An Analysis of the Genetic Basis for Susceptibility to Murine Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis
Advisor: Howard Weiner

Farzan, Michael
The Role of Chemokine Receptors in HIV-1 and SIV Infection
Advisor: Joseph Sodroski

Gorman, James
The Role of the Immunoglobulin 3'k Enhancer Element in Rearrangement and Expression of the Immunoglobulin k Light Chain Locus
Advisor: Frederick Alt

Lee-Fruman, Kay
Molecular Mechanisms of Lck Function in CD4 Signaling

Sethna, Michael
Functions of Costimulators in Humoral Immunity
Advisor: Abul Abbas

Van Parijs, Luk
Mechanisms of Peripheral CD4+ T Cell Tolerance
Advisor: Abul Abbas

Wilker, Nancy
Early Signaling Events in T Cell Activation
Advisor: Brian Seed


Brown, Eric Jason
Mechanism of Immunosuppression by Rapamycin
Advisor: Stuart Schreiber

Douhan, III, John
Noncoordinate Regulation of the Human and Murine Major Histocompatibility Complex Class II Genes
Advisor: Laurie Glimcher

Lekutis, Christine Aldona
Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Envelope-Specific CD4+ T Lymphocyte Responses of Rhesus Monkeys
Advisor: Norman Letvin

Li, Zhiying
The XRCC4 Gene Encodes a Novel Protein Involved in DNA Double-Strand Break Repair and V(D)J Recombination
Advisor: Frederick Alt

Loh, Christine
Regulation of the Cyclosporin A-Sensitive Transcription Factor NFAT1
Advisor: Anjana Rao

Ord, David Charles
Analysis of the Genes that Encode the CD19 and CD62L Cell Surface Proteins

Reedquist, Kris Alan
The Fyn/Lck SH3 Domain-Binding Protein p120: Identity with the c-cbl Protooncogene Product and Participation in T Cell Receptor Signalling

Schleyer, Siew Cheng
Interaction of the chaperone calnexin with immunoglobulin heavy Chains
Advisor: Shiv Pillai

Shieh, Chi-Chang Kichiong
A Novel Adhesion Molecule on Epithelium and Endothelium Mediating Binding to Lymphocytes
Advisor: Michael Brenner

Solomon, Keith Randall
Glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI)-Anchored Proteins Expressed on Lymphocytes
Advisor: Robert Finberg


Carr, Michelle
The Role of C-C Chemokines in Transendothelial Migration of T Lymphocytes
Advisor: Timothy Springer

Epperson, Diane
Direct Activation of Human CD8 T Lymphocytes by Allogenic Endothelial Cells

Fruman, David
Molecular Mechanisms of Action of the Immunosuppressive Drugs Cyclosporin A, FK506 and Rapamycin

Grant, Ethan
The Involvement of Exogenous Antigen, Ubiquitin, and the Proteasome in MHC Class I Antigen Presentation
Advisor: Kenneth L. Rock

Laning, Joseph
Biochemical and Functional Characterization of the Murine b-chemokine, TCA3
Advisor: Martin Dorf

Schaefer, Brian
Control of Restricted Epstein-Barr Virus Latency in Burkitt's Lymphoma Cell Lines
Advisor: Jack Strominger

Shaw, Sunil
Molecular Cloning and Functional Studies of aE, a Novel Mucosal Lymphocyte Integrin Subunit
Advisor: Michael Brenner

Telfer, Janice
A GTP-binding Protein Associated with CD4
Advisor: Christopher Rudd

Zhang, Wei
Generation and Analysis of Calcineurin Aa Deficient Mice
Advisor: Jonathan Seidman


Bradbury, Laura
The CD19 Signal Transduction Complex in B Cells

Burstein, Harold
Regulation and Functions of Interleukin-4 During In Vivo Immune Responses
Advisor: Abul Abbas

Cepek, Karen
Characterization of T Lymphocyte Adhesion to Mucosal Epithelial Cells: Role of Integrin aEb7 and E-cadherin
Advisor: Michael Brenner

Collins, Tassie
Analysis of the Role of Lck in CD4 Functions

Hahn, William
The Role of the CD2 Glycoprotein in T Cell Activation and Adhesion

Heyeck, Stephanie
Isolation, cloning, and characterization of a novel developmentally regulated T cell-specific tyrosine kinase, TSK
Advisor: Leslie Berg

Kassner, Paul
Analysis of the Integrin a4 Cytoplasmic Domain: Role in Adhesion and Post-Ligand Binding Events
Advisor: Martin Hemler

Krueger, Neil
Molecular and Genetic Analysis of the Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Gene Family
Advisor: Haruo Saito

Xu, Yang
Developmental Regulation and Function of a Tissue Specific LIM-Homeobox Gene
Advisor: Frederick Alt


de Fougerolles, Antonin
Characterization of Leukocyte Integrin LFA-1 (CD11a/CD18) Counter-receptors: Intercellular Adhesion Molecules (ICAM) -2, and -3
Advisor: Timothy Springer

LaSalle, Janine
The Induction of T Cell Clonal Anergy by T Cell Presentation of a Human Autoantigen
Advisor: David Hafler

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