The Jeffrey Modell Prize

Every year the Jeffrey Modell foundation and the Graduate Committee of Immunology award a graduate for excellence in his or her graduate career and dissertation.



2015 Prize Recipients


Jose Ordovas-Montanes, von Andrian Lab

Sarah Bettigole, Glimcher  Lab

Esen Sefik, Mathis Lab

Past Award Recipients:

2000 - Robert Monroe, Alt Lab


2001 - Benjamin Gewurz, Ploegh Lab


2002 - Navin Rao, Band Lab


2004 - Brandon Sullivan, Glimcher Lab

2004 - Sean Rooney, Alt Lab

2004 - Dong Lee, Rao Lab


2006 - Matthew Call, Wucherpfennig Lab


2007 - Marc Wein, Glimcher Lab


2009 - Sarah Henrickson, von Andrian Lab

2009 - Ivana Djuretic, Rao Lab

2009 - Melanie Cornejo, Gilliland Lab


2010 - Mamta Tahiliani, Rao Lab

2010 - Matthew Greenblatt, Glimcher Lab


2011 - Salil Garg, Brenner Lab


2012 - Nicholas Chevrier, Hacohen Lab


2013 - Peter Sage, Sharpe Lab

2013 - Mark Lee, Hacohen Lab


2014 - Kevin Bonham, Kagan Lab

The Jeffrey Modell Foundation

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The Graduate Committee of Immunology

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