Program in Immunology Administration 


Program Head, Graduate Program in Immunology

Michael C. Carroll

Tel: (617)713-8700

Email: michael.carroll[at]


Associate Program Head, Graduate Program in Immunology

Shiv Pillai

Tel: (617) 726-5619

Email: pillai[at]


Program Manager, Immunology PhD

Megan Eruzione

Tel: (617)432-4057

Fax: (617)432-7327

Email: Megan_Eruzione[at]



Division of Medical Sciences Administration


Associate Dean for Graduate Studies

David Cardozo

Tel: (617)432-1824


 Director of Finance

Valerie Sherman

Tel: (617)432-0071


Director of Academic Administration

Leah Simons

Tel: (617)432-2029




Address and Contact Information


Harvard Graduate Program in Immunology

Harvard Medical School

Jeffrey Modell Immunology Center, Room 100D

Boston, MA 02115

(617) 432-4057


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