Immunology Faculty

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Faculty Name Research Summary
Alper, ChesterThe Human Major Histocompatibility Complex, Immune Function, and Disease
Alt, FrederickMolecular genetic, biochemical and genomic analysis of mechanisms underlying lymphocyte development, antigen receptor gene rearrangements, and oncogenic chromosomal translocations.
Alter, GalitThe role of NK cells in tissues
Altfeld, MarcusInnate and Adaptive Immune Responses in HIV-1 Infection
Anderson, PaulCytotoxic Lymphocytes
Anthony, RobertExamining the interplay of inflammation and glycosylation
Aster, JonThe Role of Notch Signaling in Lymphoid Neoplasia
Austen, K. FrankInnate and adaptive immune inflammation in allergic and asthmatic models
Barouch, DanMy laboratory focuses on studying the immunology and virology of HIV-1 infection and developing novel vaccine strategies.
Benichou, GillesInduction and Regulation of Antigen-specific T Cell Responses
Benoist, ChristopheT-cell Development in Animal Models of Autoimmunity Disease
Blumberg, RichardMicrobial-epithelial-immune cell interactions in mucosal tissues
Boussiotis, VickiMolecular and signaling pathways regulating T cell immunity and T cell anergy
Boyce, JoshuaThe role of cysteinyl leukotrienes and nucleotide receptors in control of pulmonary allergic immunity
Brenner, Michael T-Lymphocyte Recognition
Cantor, HarveyDevelopment and function of T cells, their subsets and distinctive markers
Carman, ChristopherVascular and Cell Biology of Inflammation and Wound Healing
Carroll, MichaelTrafficking of antigen in lymph nodes
Chatila, TalalMechanisms of peripheral tolerance and their breakdown in allergic and autoimmune diseases
Cherayil, BobbyImmunity to bacterial enteropathogens: modulation by host and microbial factors
Chiarle, RobertoT and B Cell Lymphomas, Chromosomal Translocations and Cancer Immunology
Chiu, IsaacNeuro-immune mechanisms of pain and inflammation
Chowdhury, DipanjanDownregulating DNA Repair: Phosphatases & MicroRNAs
Clark, RachaelThe study of human tissue resident T cells
Croker, BenCell death, cytopenia and immunosuppression triggered by pathogen recognition
Dana, RezaT cell sensitization and immunoregulation in ocular allo- and autoimmunity
Dimitroff, CharlesInvestigating the Role of Lectin - Carbohydrate Interactions in T cell Trafficking and Differentiation and in Tumor Immune Evasion
Dorf, MartinImmunoregulation
Dougan, StephanieMouse models of anti-tumor immunity
Dranoff, GlennDevelopment of Cancer Vaccines
Ebert, BenjaminResearch in hematology and oncology
Exley, MarkNKT and Other Immune Cell Subsets in Anti-Tumor & Anti-Viral Immunity
Fiebiger, EddaMolecular mechanisms of antigen presentation
Garrett, WendyInterplay between the innate immune system and gut microbial communities
Geha, RaifMolecular Basis of Immunodeficiencies; Immunological and molecular basis of Atopic dermatitis
Georgopoulos, KatiaTranscription Factors in Lymphocyte Commitment and Differentiation
Goldfeld, AnneTumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha Gene Regulation in the Immunopathogenesis of AIDS and TB
Hacohen, NirDendritic Cells and the Initiation of Immune Reponses; Genetic Analysis using Genome-Wide Mammalian RNAi Libraries
Haining, NickOur goal is to understand how functional memory T cells are formed, and why protective T cell immunity fails to develop against chronic viral infection and cancer.
Hemler, MartinNovel adhesion and palmitoylation mechanisms for regulating the tumor microenvironment
Ho, I-ChengRegulation of T Lymphocyte Activation and Differentiation
Horng, TiffanyMacrophage biology in multiple contexts, including IBD and metabolism
Horwitz, BruceThe Role of the Transcription Factor NF-kB in Regulating Innate Inflammatory Responses
Hur, SunCrystallography, electron microscopy, biochemical assays, cellular assays
Johnson, RobertAIDS Immunopathogenesis and Immune Reconstitution
Junger, WolfgangCellular ATP release ad purinergic signaling in immune cell regulation
Kagan, Jonathan Toll-like Receptors and Innate Immunity
Kanaoka, Yoshihide The Role of Cysteinyl Leukotrienes and their Receptors in Pulmonary Inflammation and Fibrosis
Kasper, DennisThe interaction of bacteria, both commensal and pathogenic, with the immune system
Katz, HowardRegulation of Immune and Inflammatory Responses by the Leukocyte Immunoglobulin-like Receptor Family
Kelley, VickiMechanisms of Autoimmune Disease
Khoury, SamiaImmunopathogenesis & regulation of immune response in EAE
Kieff, ElliottMolecular Biology of Epstein Barr Virus Infection and Transformation of B Lymphocytes
Kinet, Jean-PierreBiology and Function of Immunoreceptors
Kobzik, LesterLung host defense against inhaled pathogens, allergens and pollutants
Koralnik, IgorImmunopathogenesis of JC virus-associated brain diseases
Kuchroo, VijayRegulation of Autoimmune T Cell Responses
Lencer, WayneThe cell and molecular biology of vesicular transport and a novel mechanism of innate immunity unique to the polarized epithelial cells that line mucosal surfaces
Lesser, CammieBacterial pathogens and innate immunity
Lichtman, AndrewImmune Mechanisms in Cardiovascular Disease
Lieberman, JudyCytotoxic T Lymphocytes
Look , A. ThomasGenetic Models of Leukemogenesis
Luo, HongboSignal transduction in innate immunity
Luscinskas, FrancisCell Biology, Biochemistry, and Immunology of Leukocyte-endothelial Adhesion
Luster, AndrewChemokine and lipid chemoattractants in immune cell trafficking in normal physiology and disease
Mathis, DianeT-cell differentiation, tolerance and autoimmunity
Mayadas, TanyaElucidate the molecular basis of neutrophil function in autoimmune disease and understand endothelial dependent permeability
Means, TerryUnderstanding the mechanisms of pathogen-sensing by the innate immune system
Mempel, ThorstenImmune Cell Interactions Controlling T Cell Effector Function
Moody, D. BranchCytotoxic Lymphocytes
Moon, JamesCD4+ T Cell Tolerance
Nicholson-Weller, AnneBiology and Chemistry of Complement Problems
Notarangelo, LuigiMolecular and cellular analysis of primary immunodeficiencies
Novina, CarlThe biology of microRNAs and their dysregulation in cancers
Oettinger, MarjorieMolecular Biology of V(D)J Recombination
Pillai, ShivAssembly and Function of pre-B Cell-fate and B Lymphocyte Antigen Receptors
Pittet, MikaelResponses mediated by innate and adaptive immune cells in cancer and other inflammatory disorders
Reinherz, EllisHuman T cell Antigen Receptor; Human Lymphocyte Differentiation Antigens; TCR; Thymic Development; Protective Immunity; HIV-I; T cell vaccines
Rollins, BarrettControl of Leukocyte Trafficking and the Immune Response By Chemokines and Other Cytokines
Rossi, DerrickCellular reprogramming, hematopoietic stem cell biology and aging.
Sachs, DavidTopics in Transplantation Biology
Scadden, DavidStem Cells and the Stem Cell Niche
Schreiber, StuartChemical biology and genome biology: relating genetic variation in humans to the efficacy of small-molecule drugs
Schur, PeterRheumatic Diseases
Seed, BrianMolecular Biology of Receptor Transduction in the Immune System
Sharpe, ArleneRegulation of T-cell Mediated Immune Response
Snapper, ScottSignal Transduction, Host-Microbial Interactions and Immunology
Sodroski, JosephPathogenesis of Human Retroviruses
Springer, TimothyMolecular Basis of Cell Adhesion and Migration
Starnbach, MichaelT-Lymphocyte Responses to Bacterial Pathogens
Stein-Streilein, JoanLymphoid Organs
Stevens, BethNeural-Immune Interactions During Development & Disease; Synapse development
Stevens, RichardMolecular Aspects of Mast Cells—Mediated Immune Responses
Strom, TerryWe are interested in immune tolerance, particularly in settings of autoimmunity and transplantation.
Strominger, JackImmunology of Pregnancy, Tolerance and Multiple Sclerosis
Swirski, FilipInnate leukocytes in acute and chronic inflammation
Tenen, DanielGene regulation in normal and leukemic stem cells
Terhorst, Cox Molecular Aspects of Lymphocyte Interactions
Tsokos, George Immune Cell Signaling, Gene Transcription and Tissue Injury in Lupus
Turka, LaurenceT Cell Immunology - tolerance, transplantation, autoimmunity
von Andrian, UlrichMolecular Mechanisms of Leukocyte Trafficking
Vyas, JatinThe molecular mechanism of immunity to fungal pathogens.
Wagers, AmyBiology and Function of Tissue-Specific Stem Cells
Wagner, DenisaCell Adhesion in Vascular Biology and Innate Immunity
Walker, BruceImmune control of HIV and implications for vaccine development
Walker, W. AllanStudy of the influence of initial bacterial colonization on the development of the mucosal immune system.
Weiner, HowardBasic and Clinical Mechanisms of Autoimmunity
Weller, PeterCellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Eosinophil and Other Leukocyte Involvement in Allergic Flammation
Wesemann, DuaneLymphocyte development, antibody diversity and host: microbe interactions
Winau, FlorianMechanisms of Antigen Presentation and Cellular Immunology
Woolf, CliffordChronic and Inflammatory Pain, Neuronal Survival and Regeneration
Wu, HaoStructural and Cellular Biology of Innate Immunity
Wucherpfennig, KaiT cell Biology and Cancer Immunology
Xavier, RamnikSystems approaches to innate and adaptive immunity; Functional genomics of complex disease genetics
Yunis, EdmondBiology of Histocompatibility Systems in Man and Experimental Animals; Immunology of Aging