SHURP Program Details


Participants are required to attend all SHURP activities including Orientation, Career and Research Discussions, the Leadership Alliance National Convention, and Student Final Presentations.


Career Discussion sessions are typically held from 12 – 2 PM every Tuesday and are meant to give SHURP participants an opportunity to meet with and listen to current and recent graduate students and faculty about their experiences in their respective prograsms/at their respective organizations.  Topics include (but are not limited to): Giving Presentations and Finding Original Literature, What Can You Do with a Science PhD, PhD or MD/PhD Admissions and Graduate Student Experience, Networking and Mentoring.


Research Discussion sessions are typically held from 5 – 7 PM every Thursday and give SHURP participants the opportunity to discuss their research projects with other participants.  These sessions are led by program faculty with the first two sessions dedicated to an introductory style lesson what is expected and how to successfully deliver the presentation.  In addition these sessions also encompass the Responsible Conduct of Research Series (RCR) which includes lectures on Research Documentation, Image Manipulation in Research and Life in the Lab.  This series is meant to give participants the tools necessary to identify and prevent research abnormalities and detrimental lab experiences.


Leadership Alliance National Symposium (LANS)

Participants in the Program are required to attend the Leadership Alliance National Symposium meeting typically held at the end of July each year.  The program brings participants to the symposium where they will present posters and participate in the activities which take place over a long weekend.



Final Presentations

Participants in the Program are required to deliver an oral presentation as the culmination of their research project. 

The Application Period for Summer 2018 is now closed


Please check back in October 2018 for more information about the SHURP 2019 application.


Apply through the Leadership Alliance. For more information about the Leadership Alliance, including the application process click here.

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