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This program is funded in part by grants from NIH and NSF. Therefore, we are unable to accept international students.



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We would like to know which graduate degrees you are interested in pursuing. Please rank the following degrees 1-4 in order of your interest, 1 being most interested. If you are not interested in a particular degree please select "not interested." If there is another degree you are interested please let us know, and rank it as well.


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Letters of Recommendation

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How did you hear about the program? (Please check all that apply)

 Leadership Alliance



 Graduate School Fair

 Biomedical Sciences Career Program

 NSF Website

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 Other online directory: 

 Previous SHURP Participant. Name: 

 Faculty member at your institution




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Application Information

Application for Summer 2014


If you have any questions, or issues with the application please email:


How to Apply

Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply both through the Leadership Alliance and directly to SHURP.


  • Apply through the Leadership Alliance. For more information about the Leadership Alliance, including the application process click here.
  • Apply directly to SHURP. Fill out the SHURP Application Form and uplaod your statement of purpose and CV online. Once you have completed these steps, send the following materials to the address listed:
    • An official copy of your latest college transcript, showing Fall 2013 grades.
    • Two letters of recommendation, one from a science faculty member who can address your intellectual and personal suitability for the Program and one from a research supervisor, another science faculty member or, if applicable, from a science program director.  If you have previously participated in a summer program, or other off-campus research, a letter from your supervisor would be very helpful. Letters can be addressed to SHURP Director.  All letters of recommendation should be in the original sealed, signed envelope.
  • Please send all application materials, postmarked by Monday, February 10, 2014, to:
    Ms. KeyAnna Schmiedl, Division of Medical Sciences
    TMEC Room 432, 260 Longwood Avenue
    Boston, MA 02115

  • We strongly encourage applicants to collect the required materials and send them all together in one mailing. You are responsible for making sure that your application is complete and that all your materials arrive on time.  We cannot consider incomplete applications or applications that are postmarked later than February 10, 2014. 

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