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2016 Student Talks

  • Elaine Oberlick (G6, Stuart Schreiber Lab)
    Harnessing the powers of high throughput small molecule and CRISPR screening to reveal therapeutic vulnerabilities in a rare pediatric cancer.
  • Anna Maurer (G4, Luk Vanderberghe Lab)
    Resurrecting Ancient Viruses: in silico reconstruction of AAV evolution impacts both basic science and translational research 
  • Cary Scott Gallagher (G6, Cynthia Morton Lab)
    Genetic, functional, and epidemiological analyses of genomic variants in uterine fibroids
  • Beryl Cummings (G3, Daniel MacArthur Lab)
    Improving genetic diagnosis in Mendelian disease with transcriptome sequencing
  • Troy Hubbard (G5, Matthew Waldor Lab)
    Genomic approaches to the study of host pathogen interactions
  • Sam Schilit (G5, Cynthia Morton Lab)
    Finding genes for infertility: a balanced translocation in an oligospermic male uncovers SYCP2 overexpression
  • Katie Richeson (G5, Randy King Lab)
    Using Small Molecule Inhibitors to Understand Spindle Assembly Regulation of the Anaphase Promoting Complex
  • Tyler Huycke (G5, Cliff Tabin Lab)
    Growth and form of the vertebrate gut: how molecular signals and mechanical forces pattern smooth muscle layers in the developing gut.
  • Chiara Ricci-Tam (G3, Mike Springer Lab)
    Dimmer/switch' signaling: an anticipation strategy in dynamic environments?


2016 Student Retreat

September 9-11, 2016

Provincetown Inn

Provincetown, MA


Keynote Speaker:

Knatokie Ford, PhD


Award Recipients


Len Zon, MD



Thomas Michel, MD, PhD



Jason Qian

Deepali Ravel

Thao Truong


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