BBS Faculty Member - Richard Losick

Richard Losick

Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Harvard University
16 Divinity Avenue, Room 3023
Cambridge, MA 02138
Tel: 617-495-4905
Fax: 617-496-4642
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Our laboratory studies development in the spore-forming bacterium Bacillus subtilis. B. subtilis undergoes an elaborate cycle of cellular differentiation that culminates in the formation of a dormant cell type, the spore. Spore formation involves the transformation of a vegetative cell into a two-compartment sporangium by asymmetric division. The compartments receive an identical chromosome yet have dissimilar developmental fates involving differential expression of distinct sets of genes. We seek to elucidate the entire regulatory circuit that governs entry into sporulation, cell-specific gene expression, and the linkage of gene expression to landmark events in morphogenesis. Other topics of interest are protein subcellular localization, chromosome segregation, intercellular signaling, and the formation of architecturally complex communities of cells.

Last Update: 8/22/2013


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Losick, R. and Desplan, C. Stochasticity and Cell Fate. Science 320:65-68 (2008).

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Ramamurthi, K. and Losick, R. Geometric Cue for Protein Localization in a Bacterium. Science: 323:1354-1357 (2009).

Camp, A.H. and Losick, R. A feeding tube model for activation of a cell-specific transcription factor during sporulation in Bacillus subtilis. Genes & Development. 23:1014-24 (2009).

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