BBS Faculty Member - Alexander Meissner

Alexander Meissner

Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology

Bauer Laboratory
7 Divinity Avenue
Cambridge, MA, 02138
Tel: 617-495-8801
Fax: 617-384-6891
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Our lab is interested in the establishment, maintenance and regulation of epigenetic modifications during normal development and disease. Epigenetic marks are stable modifications of the DNA or chromatin that do not alter the nucleotide sequence. They provide regulatory information and can be read at a genomic scale using novel ultra high throughput sequencing technologies including high throughput bisulfite sequencing (HTBS) and chromatin immunopreciptitation followed by sequencing (ChIP-Seq). We focus on understanding the mechanism of how these modifications are regulated during normal development, how this regulation changes in diseases like cancer and how these marks are reset during epigenetic reprogramming by the oocyte, in the germline or artificially through nuclear transfer or ectopic expression of transcription factors (direct reprogramming). Recent work from our lab has provided first mechanistic insights into the generation of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells and highlighted several of the key roadblocks and how they can be overcome. This work on iPS cells further extends into our general interest of stem cell biology and pluripotency.

Last Update: 8/22/2013


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