BBS Faculty Member - Andrew Brack

Andrew Brack

Department of Medicine

Massachusetts General Hospital
Simches Research Center CPZN-4
185 Cambridge St.
Boston, MA 02114
Tel: 617-726-5092
Fax: 617-724-2662
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Our lab interests lie at the interface between adult stem cell biology and tissue regeneration. We focus on the molecular pathways that control cell fate decisions of the adult muscle stem cell (the satellite cell) to effectively regenerate adult skeletal muscle.

We believe that the temporally coordinated cell fate decisions of the stem cell and its progeny are reliant on the communication between the local environment (the muscle stem cell niche) and the stem cell itself. Adult skeletal muscle is capable of rapid repair due to the presence of a potent and essential stem cell, satellite cells, and their microenvironment. Currently, we have active projects in the following areas: satellite cell quiescence and self-renewal, the stem cell niche, satellite cell heterogeneity, aging, and muscle cell size regulation. In the future, we hope our research will lead to strategic improvements in stem cell therapy that target aging and skeletal muscle disease.

Last Update: 8/9/2013


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