BIG Courses


G1 Fall – Required Courses

BBS Course - Genetics 201: Principles of Genetics

Faculty: Fred Winston (Medical School), Maxwell G. Heiman (Medical School), Ann Hochschild (Medical School), Mitzi I. Kuroda (Medical School), and Steven A. McCarroll (Medical School)

Description: An in-depth survey of genetics, beginning with basic principles and extending to modern approaches and special topics. We will draw on examples from various systems, including yeast, Drosophila, C. elegans, mouse, human and bacteria.


BBS Course - BCMP 200: Molecular Biology

(or you may select a more advanced Biology course if you opt to not enroll in BCMP200)
Richard Ian Gregory (Medical School), Kami Ahmad (Medical School), Paul J. Anderson (Medical School), Joseph John Loparo (Medical School), Johannes Walter (Medical School), and Timur Yusufzai (Medical School)

Description: An advanced treatment of molecular biology's Central Dogma. Considers the molecular basis of information transfer from DNA to RNA to protein, using examples from eukaryotic and prokaryotic systems. Lectures, discussion groups, and research seminars.


BIG Course - Biophysics170/HST508: Quantitative Genomics
Faculty: Shamil R. Sunyaev (Medical School), Isaac S. Kohane (Medical School), Leonid Mirny (Medical School), and members of the Committee

Description: In-depth study of genomics: models of evolution and population genetics; comparative genomics: analysis and comparison; structural genomics: protein structure, evolution and interactions; functional genomics, gene expression, structure and dynamics of regulatory networks.


BIG Seminar


G1 Spring – Required Courses

BIG Course - GSAS Biophysics205/HST509: Computational and Functional Genomics
Martha L. Bulyk (Medical School), Suzanne Gaudet (Medical School), and Shamil R. Sunyaev (Medical School)
Description: Experimental functional genomics, computational prediction of gene function, and properties and models of complex biological systems. The course will primarily involve critical reading and discussion rather than lecture.


Elective #1

BIG Seminar


G2 Fall – Required Courses

BBS Course - BBS 230: Analysis of the Biological Literature
Adrian Salic (Medical School), Welcome W. Bender (Medical School), Michael Demian Blower (Medical School), et al.

Description: Students participate in intensive small group discussions focused on the critical analysis of basic research papers from a wide range of fields including biochemistry, cell and developmental biology, genetics, and microbiology. Papers are discussed in terms of their background, significance, hypothesis, experimental methods, data quality, and interpretation of results. Students will be asked to propose future research directions, to generate new hypotheses and to design experiments aimed at testing them.


Elective #2


Med. Sci. 300qc: Conduct of Science


BIG Seminar



Rotations or Research


G2 Spring – Required Courses

Elective #3


BIG Seminar