Academic Structure


Degree Granting Department(s): BIG student select a home degree-granting program from the following DMS departments: Biomedical and Biological Science; Immunology; Neuroscience; or Virology. BIG students will be granted a certificate in Bioinformatics & Integrative Genomics.

Normal Progression: Each BIG student will be expected to complete required courses in both their home program and the BIG program. In the first year, students will rotate in two laboratories.

Student advising:  Each BIG student will have a BIG faculty advisor with whom s/he will meet regularly throughout her/his time in graduate school. Also, a meeting for course selection with BIG faculty members will be required for the first two years at the beginning of each semester.

Dissertation Advisory Committee (DAC): Students will follow the home program's advising structure. At least one member of the BIG faculty will serve on each student's DAC.

Qualifying Exam: The Qualifying Exam is available at 4 times: March or May of G2, September or October of G3.



Required Courses: In addition to the courses required by the home program, BIG students will be required to take courses as directed by the program.




Administrative Requirements and Consequences if timeline is not met


In any term, insufficient grade point average, laboratory performance, or overall participation and effort must be corrected.  If not, poor progress can result in probation requiring prescribed improvement in next term or designated duration.  Continued lack of satisfactory progress can result in suspension of stipend, discontinued registration, or withdrawal.










Meeting Deadlines