BBS Faculty Member - Jeffrey Macklis

Jeffery Macklis

Max and Anne Wien Professor of Life Sciences
Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology, and Center for Brain Science, Harvard University
Professor of Neurology [Neuroscience] and of Surgery [Neurosurgery], Harvard Medical School

Harvard University
Bauer Laboratory 103
7 Divinity Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138
Tel: 617-495-5413
Fax: 617-496-9679
Lab Members: 7 postdoctoral fellows, 4 graduate students
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Our laboratory is directed toward both 1) understanding the molecular controls over neuron sub-type specification and development in the cerebral cortex, and 2) applying developmental controls toward brain and spinal cord repair—specifically, the cellular repair of complex cerebral cortex and cortical output circuitry (in particular, corticospinal motor neuron (CSMN) circuitry that degenerates in ALS and other “upper motor neuron” degenerative diseases, and whose injury is centrally involved in loss of motor function in spinal cord injury).

We focus on neocortical projection neuron development and sub-type specification; neural progenitor / “stem cell” biology; induction of adult neurogenesis (the birth of new neurons from within); and directed neuronal differentiation and development of connectivity via molecular manipulation of neural progenitors within murine neocortex. The same biology informs understanding of neuronal subtype specificity of involvement in human neurodegenerative and developmental diseases, in particular ALS / motor neuron disease, PLS, HSPs, Huntington's disease, autism spectrum disorders, and Rett Syndrome.

Toward this goal, and toward the basic goal of understanding neocortical neuronal development, we have six closely related, major research interests: 1) subtype-specific projection neuron differentiation during neocortical development; 2) induction of subtype-specific neurogenesis (birth of new neurons) from endogenous neural progenitors / “stem cells”; 3) cellular repair of complex CNS circuitry, in particular neocortical and cortical output (e.g. corticospinal, cortico-brainstem circuitry); 4) neural progenitor / stem cell biology; 5) directed differentiation of m/h ES/iPS into subtype-specific neocortical projections neurons; 6) subtype-specific axon guidance controls.

Last Update: 7/7/2014


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