BBS Faculty Member - Roland Baron

Roland Baron

Professor and Chair, Oral Medicine, Infection and Immunity, HSDM
Professor, Internal Medicine, HMS, Endocrine Unit, MGH

Harvard School of Dental Medicine
188 Longwood Avenue, REB 310
Boston, MA 02115
Tel: 617-432-7320
Fax: 617-432-1897

The laboratory studies the molecular aspects of the development and maintenance of the skeleton. Project groups focus primarily on different aspects of signal transduction that regulate cell differentiation and function during these processes. One program focuses on the analysis of the signaling mechanisms that are activated by G protein-coupled receptors, receptor tyrosine kinases, and integrins, particularly in the regulation of cell function and the cytoskeleton. The second program focuses on the regulation of mesenchymal stem cell differentiation during skeletal development, and in particular chondrocytes in the growth plate and the osteoblast and adipocyte differentiation and its relationship to metabolism and energy expenditure, including the role of the CNS. The underlying disease models of these programs are mostly osteoporosis, joint diseases and obesity.

Last Update: 8/9/2013


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