meet our residents

third year advanced dermatology residents

Carol Cheng, MD

Elizabeth Brezinski Wallace, MD
  • Undergrad: Northwestern University
  • Med School: UC Davis
  • Hometown: San Mateo, CA
  • Dermatology Interests: Psoriasis management,  psoriasis and cardiovascular diseases relative to Dermatology
Shinjita Das, MD

Daniel Butler, MD
  • Undergrad: Washington University/University of Arizona
  • Med School: University of Arizona
  • Hometown: Tucson, AZ
  • Dermatology Interests: Psoriasis, psych-dermatology, stress and psoriasis, dermatology and pregnancy/lactation.
Aieska DeSouza, MD

Avery LaChance, MD, MPH
  • Undergrad: Middlebury College
  • Med School: University of Connecticut
  • Hometown: Guilford, CT
  • Dermatology Interests: Health policy, complex medical dermatology, public health
Sherrie Divito MD, PhD

Sarah Robinson, MD
  • Undergrad: Dartmouth College
  • Med School: Dartmouth College
  • Hometown: Dover, NH
  • Dermatology Interests: Mohs,  Photosensitizing medications
Tyler Durazzo, MD

Lauren Strazzula, MD
  • Undergrad: Colby College
  • Med School: University of Massachusetts
  • Hometown: Boston, MA
  • Dermatology Interests: Cellulitis and in-patient dermatology. 

Tyler Durazzo, MD

Chao Hui Yang, MD

  • Undergrad: Carnegie Mellon University
  • Med School: Harvard Medical School
  • Hometown: Hefei, China
  • Dermatology Interests: Treatment of type I cryoglobulinemia, HIV and Th9 cells.



William Lin, MD

Ryan M. Trowbridge, MD
  • Undergrad: Yale University
  • Med School: Creighton University
  • Hometown: Norwalk, CT
  • Dermatology Interests: Statins and melanoma, vitamin D and CVD in children.
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