meet our residents

first year advanced dermatology residents

Carol Cheng, MD

Saami Khalifan, MD
  • Undergrad: UC Berkeley
  • Med School: Johns Hopkins
  • Hometown: Newport Beach, CA
  • Dermatology Interests: Cutaneous immunology, translational research, complex medical dermatology and inpatient dermatology
Shinjita Das, MD

Girish Mohan, MD
  • Undergrad: University of Illinois
  • Med School: University of Illinois
  • Hometown: Chicago, IL
  • Dermatology Interests: Teledermatology, atopic dermatitis, novel therapeutics in dermatology, medical education, health education
Aieska DeSouza, MD

Jacqueline (Jacqui) Moreau, MD, MPH
  • Undergrad: Boston University
  • Med School: University of Pittsburgh
  • Hometown: Burlington, CT
  • Dermatology Interests: Melanoma, lymphoma, and teledermatology
Sherrie Divito MD, PhD

Patrick Mulvaney, MD
  • Undergrad: Harvard University
  • Med School: Brown University School of Medicine
  • Hometown: Albany, NY
  • Dermatology Interests: Cutaneous oncology, Mohs surgery, medical education, clinical reserach
Tyler Durazzo, MD

Pooyan Rohani, MD, MEngr
  • Undergrad: Texas A&M
  • Med School: Vanderbilt University
  • Hometown: Houston, TX
  • Dermatology Interests: Teledermatology, innovations in dermatologic surgery, inpatient dermatology

Tyler Durazzo, MD

Priyanka Vedak, MD

  • Undergrad: Boston University
  • Med School: Boston University
  • Hometown: Crystal Lake, IL
  • Dermatology Interests: Medical dermatology, inpatient dermatology.



William Lin, MD

Johanna Sheu Song, MD
  • Undergrad: Johns Hopkins
  • Med School: Harvard Medical School
  • Hometown: Troy, MI
  • Dermatology Interests: Pediatric dermatology, oncodermatology and cutaneous toxicities, and community dermatology

Tyler Durazzo, MD

Gil Weintraub, MD

  • Undergrad: Harvard University
  • Med School: UCLA
  • Hometown: Encino, CA
  • Dermatology Interests: Contact Dermatitis
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