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Children's Hospital Boston

Clinical and Didatics Education

Resident Boot Camp

The curriculum begins each year with this series of lectures and didactics directed towards providing some basic understanding of medical dermatology and its subspecialties, held during the months of July and August.  This series includes training in physical diagnosis (Art of Differential Diagnosis) as well as lectures addressing topics relating to system-based practice and practice-based learning

The Art of Differential Diagnosis

A series of lectures designed to address a pressing need in dermatologic education, namely the skill of physical diagnosis. This curriculum teaches an approach to clinical diagnosis through interactive sessions that emphasize morphology and differential diagnosis tailored to residents at each level of training.

Grand Rounds (weekly)

Grand Rounds, at which residents and faculty discuss complex cases with patient viewing, is held three times per month, each hosted by BIDMC, BWH, and MGH. These sessions focus on morphology, differential diagnosis, and management of interesting and challenging clinical cases. Also, once monthly MGH hosts a Grand Rounds Lecture featuring a prominent invited speaker.

Lectures and Didactics

Faculty-led clinical lectures and didactics are held each week on topics including general dermatology, basic science, cosmetics, dermatologic surgery, and dermatopathology. In addition, each resident prepares 1-2 lectures per year on a topic of their choice within the comprehensive annual didactic curriculum. Residents have direct faculty input during preparation of resident-delivered didactics.This curriculum synthesizes material from multiple dermatology texts as well as the medical literature with the intention of covering the full range of topics. Specific text book chapters are assigned to residents to accompany each lecture.

Dermatopathology Curriculum

The dermatopathology curriculum integrates digitally-scanned slides with glass slide viewing.  One morning each week residents review a curriculum of unknown digital slides with a dermatopathology attending or fellow, and the following morning a set of glass slides is first previewed by the resident and then reviewed with an attending live at a multi-headed microscope.  The themes of these slide collections correlate with the topics reviewed at the weekly dermatopathology lectures.

Journal Club

Residents and faculty meet weekly to review the latest clinical and basic science research articles, gain insight into ongoing research activities within the department, and/or look for answers to clinical questions:

  1. Featured Faculty - A series that seeks to engage the world-class researchers from our program to lead sessions around their cutting edge work.

  2. Special Topics - A series that focuses on using the literature to answer clinical questions that arise on the wards and in the clinics, macro issues in the dermatology field, and how dermatology relates to other aspects of medicine and society.

  3. Haynes Review a.k.a. Journal Review - A faculty-led series devoted to in-depth analyses of the latest journal articles. Topics include prominent medical dermatology, pediatric dermatology, dermatologic surgery, and laser/cosmetics topics, as well as relevant articles from outside dermatology.

MGH/Longwood consultation services case-review

Several times a year, residents review interesting cases from the consultation services to their peers. Complex medical cases are presented with pathology review.

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