Final exam


Your final exam will be to write one referee’s report and one commentary, each on a different paper assigned by the faculty at the end of the course.  The ground rules are identical to those for the weekly homework assignments.  A detailed description of the guidelines for the two formats can be found here.


Links to the papers appear below.  Your write-ups are due on Monday, May 4 by 10am.  Please e-mail them to Andy as per usual with the following labeling convention: 204_Final_{1st author's last name}_{your surname}.doc


For example, if Barb Smith chose to write her commentary on the Ling & Carrasco paper, it would be labeled: 204_Final_Ling_Smith.doc


Commentaries (choose one):


Quian Quiroga R, Reddy L, Kreiman G, Koch C & Fried I (2005) "Invariant visual representation by single neurons in the human brain." Nature, 435:1102-1107. [pdf]


Ling S & Carrasco M (2006) "When sustained attention impairs perception." Nat. Neurosci., 9:1243-1245. [pdf]


von Dassow G, Meir E, Munro EM & Odell GM (2000) "The segment polarity network is a robust developmental module." Nature, 406:188-192. [pdf]


Micheva KD & Smith SJ (2007) "Array tomography: A new tool for imaging the molecular architecture and ultrastructure of neural circuits." Neuron, 55:25-36. [pdf]


Gollisch T & Meister M (2008) "Rapid neural coding in the retina with relative spike latencies." Science, 319:1108-1111. [pdf]


Referee's Report (choose one):


Yamane Y, Carlson ET, Bowman KC, Wang Z & Connor C (2008) "A neural code for three-dimensional object shape in macaque inferotemporal cortex." Nat Neurosci., 11:1352-60. [pdf]


Lee S-H, Blake R, & Heeger DJ (2007) "Hierarchy of cortical responses underlying binocular rivalry." Nat Neurosci., 10:1048-1054. [pdf]


Sundberg KA, Mitchell JF & Reynolds JH (2009) "Spatial attention modulates center-surround interactions in macaque visual area V4." Neuron, 61:952-963. [pdf]


Wickersham IR, Lyon DC, Bamard RJO, Mori T, Finke S, Conzelmann K-K, Young JAT & Callaway EM (2007) Monosynaptic restriction of transsynaptic tracing from single, genetically targeted neurons." Neuron, 53:639-647. [pdf]


Verhagen JV, Wesson DW, Netoff TI, White JA & Wachowiak M (2007) "Sniffing controls an adaptive filter of sensory input to the olfactory bulb." Nat. Neurosci., 10:631-639. [pdf]


Good Luck!