The NEPRC has many specialized services, including diagnostic pathology, immunophenotyping, DNA cloning and sequencing, and electron and confocal microscopy.

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NEPRC has served as an important national resource to the biomedical research community. It has maintained a broad spectrum of services, ranging from analysis of tissue specimens to partnership investigations with leading biomedical research institutions.

Consultation is a core service of NEPRC. Each year, hundreds of scientists from around the world have turned to our Center for diagnostic support, clinical advice, expertise in primate biology, and development of experimental protocols.

A number of unique antibodies and reagents have been developed at NEPRC for use by Center scientists as well as investigators from other research institutions. Additional diagnostic and research services at NEPRC include testing for antiviral antibodies, DNA cloning, and DNA sequencing.

Supporting the diagnostic services and research programs, the NEPRC operates electron and confocal microscopy facilities and image analysis systems.

These services will be discontinued after May 31, 2015 due to the scheduled wind down of operations and closure of the NEPRC.




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