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  • Established by Congress in 1962, with buildings and grounds dedicated in 1966, the NEPRC is one of eight National Primate Research Centers in the US.

  • A campus of Harvard Medical School, the NEPRC is located 25 miles west of Boston in Southborough, Massachusetts.

  • Our research and service programs are funded by grants from NIH and other federal and private agencies.

  • The Center is organized into five Research and Service Divisions focusing on infectious disease and neuroscience: Division of Comparative Pathology, Division of Immunology, Division of Microbiology, Division of Neuroscience, and Division of Veterinary Resources.

  • After over a half-century of excellence in biomedical research, training and service to the scientific community, the NEPRC is winding down operations with a scheduled closing date of May 31, 2015.




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