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Harvard Medical School
Fellowship in General
Medicine and Primary Care
Mass General Hospital
100 Cambridge Street
Boston, MA 02114

Tel (617) 643-9433
Email: GIM Fellowship
Harvard Medical School


Since 1979, more than 280 fellows have been trained, most of whom continue as academic primary care physicians. Harvard GIM fellows have published almost 750 articles directly related to their fellowship research; nearly 20% appear in the New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA or the Annals of Internal Medicine. Our fellows also present many scientific abstracts. In the past 10 years, our fellows have won one-third of Lipkin Awards given for the most outstanding research presentations by trainees and one-third of Hamolsky Awards given for best research abstracts presented by junior faculty at the annual meeting of the Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM).

Perhaps one of the most important benchmarks of how well our program has performed is best gauged by the longer-term career successes of our graduates after fellowship. Our alumni populate the faculties of numerous general medicine divisions nationally and have been successful in pursuing research careers and securing funding from the NIH and other research grantmaking institutions. Many have assumed leadership positions in academic medicine. Several of our graduates are current or former leaders of national professional organizations including: Drs. Michael Barry (1985, former President of both SGIM and Foundation for Informed Medical Decision-Making), Marshall Chin (1994, current President of SGIM), Arnold Epstein (1980, former President Association of Health Services Research), Tejal Gandhi (1999, current President/CEO of National Patient Safety Foundation), and Jeffrey Samet (1989, President of the National Board of Addiction Medicine). Our graduates also include at least one Dean (Dr. Jasjit Ahluwalia (1992) at Rutgers School of Public Health), two Department Chairs (Drs. Steven Shea (1984) at Columbia Univ., Seth Landefeld (1985) at the U. Alabama at Birmingham), 10 current Chiefs of General Medicine Divisions (Drs. Julia Arnsten (1995) at Albert Einstein Coll. of Medicine, Graham Barr (2000) at Columbia Univ., David Bates at BWH, Ethan Halm (1997) at U. Texas Southwestern, Kevin Kraemer (1995) at Univ. of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Paul Pirraglia (2003) at the VA Medical Center in Providence, RI, Jeff Samet (1989) at Boston Medical Center, Steve Simon (1998) at Boston VA, Carol Mangione (1991) at UCLA, Jeff Linder (2002) at Northwestern, and Olveen Carrasquillo (1997) at the Univ. of Miami); in addition, Dr. Daniel McCormick (1996) is Chief of Social and Community Medicine at CHA, Dr. Neil Resnick (1982) is Chief of Geriatrics at U. of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Dr. Vicki Jackson (2001) is Chief of Palliative Care at MGH.

Our graduates, many of whom are also fellowship faculty (italicized and bolded), are leaders in research and have received recognition for their work including membership to prestigious national honor societies such as the American Society of Clinical Investigation and Association of American Physicians/ASCI-AAP (Drs. John Ayanian (1992) , David Bates (1986), Michael Fine (1989), Bruce Landon (1997), Arnold Epstein (1980), Elbert Huang (2001), Nancy Keating (1998), Edward Marcantonio (1992), Nancy Rigotti (1984), Daniel Singer (1981), and Christina Wee (1999)), and National Academy of Medicine (Drs. David Bates (1986), Arnold Epstein (1980), John Rich (1989)). One of our graduates (Dr. John Rich (1989)) was honored with a MacArthur “genius” award. Our graduates also win national awards for their research including the SGIM Glaser Award for outstanding contributions to research, education, leadership and mentoring in generalism (Drs. David Bates (1986), Seth Landefeld (1985)), SGIM’s Eisenberg Award for lifetime contribution to research (Drs. David Bates (1986), John Ayanian (1992), Michael Fine (1989), Nancy Rigotti (1984), Daniel Singer (1981)), and SGIM’s Nickerson Award for exceptional commitment to cultural diversity in medicine or to improving minority health (Drs. Jasjit Ahluwalia (1992) and Olveen Carrasquillo (1997)).

Our graduates lead primary care research at their respective Divisions as Directors or Section Chiefs for Research: Drs. Marshall Chin (1994, Univ. of Chicago), Jennifer Haas (1991, BWH), Edward Marcantonio (1992, BIDMC), Daniel McCormick (1996, CHA), Frank Wharam (2006, Dept. of Population Medicine), Jamaluddin Moloo (1996, U. of Colorado), Stephen Persell (2003, Northwestern Univ. Feinberg School of Medicine), Nancy Plauth (1997, VA Medical Center, Palo Alto, CA), Carol Regueiro (1997, U. of Pittsburgh Medical Center), John Rich (1989, Drexel School of Public Health), Nancy Rigotti (1984, MGH), and Daniel Singer (1981, MGH). In addition, many of our graduates have gone on to train the next generation of researchers including at our own program. Six of our graduates are recipients of the SGIM Midcareer Research and Mentoring Award: Drs. Carol Mangione (1991, Fellowship Advisory Committee), Kenneth Covinsky (1994), Marshall Chin (1994), Christina Wee (1999, PD of the fellowship), and Joshua Metlay (1997, Program Faculty). Several of our graduates and program faculty have also won mentorship awards at Harvard including Drs. Matthew Gillman (1990), Emily Oken (2003), Wee (1999), Singer (1981), Keating (1998), McCormick (1996), and Marcantonio (1992).

Our more recent graduates appear to be on their way to emulating the success of their predecessors. Dr. Pracha Eamranond (2007) is Chief Transformation Officer at Lawrence General Hospital, Dr. Jennifer Pippins (2007) is Deputy Director for Safety at the FDA, Dr. Benjamin Taylor (2007) is Senior Vice President for Clinical Effectiveness and Associate Chief Medical Officer at Univ. of Alabama Health Systems, Dr. Lenny Lopez (2008) is Chief of Hospitalist Service at San Francisco General Hospital, and Dr. Adrienne Allen (2011) is Associate Medical Director for Quality and Safety at North Shore Physicians Group.

based on work performed by
Fellows during their participation in the
Harvard Faculty Development and Fellowship Program
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